Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Reading Time and 2018 goals

Linking up with Jana and Steph again ... while also adding umpteen numerous books to my already overlong TBR list ... It's a good day for a good day and reading updates are always good days.

So ... 2017's Goodreads goal was for 40 books. Slipped in #25 right on New Year's Eve ... so that was a fail. Life got in the way and I'm getting back to finding my groove so I'll keep 40 books as the 2018 goal and see what happens.

I like to mix in a classic every now and then - kids' classics included.

I don't think I'd ever read this or even heard of it until it was an Andrew Luck book club selection. Cute book and reminded me of Jasper Fforde's works. Speaking of Fforde, have you read any of his Thursday Next or Nursery Crimes series? Good stuff there.

Then this one ...

I had started it as an ebook library loan but couldn't start it right away so it 'disappeared' after two weeks and I still had a few chapters to go. Put my name immediately back in the queue for the ebook and realized I never cancelled the hold request for the 'real' book - ended up getting the 'real' book first. Took me a little bit to get into this one, but once I got past the first few chapters, I couldn't put it down.

Then this one ...

I had been meaning to read one of her books for years. She was my grandma's favorite author so I felt like I should at least try. Plus, I wanted to see the movie and always opt to read the book before seeing a movie. Pretty good story and I didn't know the ending so it kept me interested to the end.

And ended 2017 with this one ...

I was actually more interested in the book because it takes place in Indiana, more than that the author is an actress. Never saw Jessica Jones or Don't Trust the B**** in Apt whatever-number or even Breaking Bad ... so I'm not very familiar with her. I realize I get stuck on the details and if something's 'off', then it's hard for me to move past that without closure. There were a couple editing quirks that threw me off -- but the plot was good enough to help me get over it.

Currently reading ...

Not sure what I was expecting with this one and I probably won't read the B through Y books, but A is interesting enough.

Since I seemed to read more ebooks than real books in 2017, I had thought I'd set a goal to read all real books in 2018. Going to revise that and just aim for more real books than ebooks ... all was in order to start on my stacks of real books when the news came that Sue Grafton passed away. I downloaded A is for Alibi within minutes and my first book of 2018 consists of staring at a screen instead of holding a book. I'm also in the habit of reserving both ebook and real book versions of the same book, since statistically I know the ebook list will go quicker than the real book list - thanks to books just simply disappearing (magic!) whether the reader is done or not. Also, I noticed that more than half of my 2017 books were library loans ... so another 2018 goal is to read more of my own personal stash (ebooks and/or real books) and then pass those along when done.

Have you read any of these?
Are you a book-loan hoarder? That is, do you put your name on the library list for both real book and ebook versions to see what comes first?
Any book goals for 2018?

I'm off to check out all the other linked blogs and add to my Goodreads list ...


  1. I loved Murder on the Orient Express and Little Fires Everywhere. The Phantom Tollbooth is on my bookshelf at home unread, but I will get to it sometime (maybe even with my kids). I don't put much thought into ebooks vs. real books - I just typically go with whatever is more readily available at the library or at a used bookstore or whatever. You can't beat a real book but sometimes I prefer to read ebooks if the book is particularly long, just so I don't hurt my arms holding it up ;)

  2. 25 books in a year is still great! That’s 2 a month and lot more than most people read

    The fact that Bonfire is written by a celebrity is exactly why I haven’t rushed to read it. Their books make me nervous

  3. I've been on the wait list at my library for Little Fires Everywhere for what feels like months- can't wait!

  4. I remember The Phantom Tollbooth from when I was younger, but I can't really recall details. I hear really good things about Little Fires Everywhere so that's great you ended up really liking it. I LOVE Agatha Christie - I read Murder on the Orient Express when I was about 12 maybe? My favorite from her is probably The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. I hope to read a lot more of her work this year and just in the future in general!


  5. i was kind of so-so on bonfire. it was odd.
    i liked little fires everywhere. i am currently reading murder on the orient express, and she is my nana's favourite author too so i've always meant to read one of her books!

  6. I love the Alphabet series. Kinsey is a great character and so freaking 80s.

    Loved Little Fires.

    Bonfire is on my shelf at home.

  7. The opposite happens to me. Ebooks take longer because our library only gets 1, maybe 2 copies while they will order 12-16 hardback copies for popular books. I read a few of the Alphabet series but struggled with the 80s setting because my brain kept going, why don't you have a cell phone, etc.

  8. I felt the same way about Little Fires Everywhere. It started out slow but got better as I continued reading.

  9. The line for Little Fires Everywhere at the Library is crazy long! I might have to suck it up and buy it, since everybody has enjoyed it so much.

    it was sad to hear that Sue Grafton passed away, and that she didn't finish the series.

  10. I read murder on the orient last month too... definitely kept me interested!

  11. No, I haven't read any of these, but I will be reading Little Fires Everywhere soon. I read another Celeste Ng book, Everything I Never Told You, and thought it was one of the most beautifully written books I'd ever read, well, listened to (I'm an audiobook gal.)

  12. I loved Little Fires. I keep hearing about Bonfire but I'm not sure it's for me--I've heard mixed reviews too. I get most of my books from the library, but sometimes I buy the kindle versions on sale. Usually I prefer a physical book though.

  13. A year in reading is never a miss - no matter your goal number - as long as you "just keep reading." :) I'll have to look into the Phantom Tollboth - I've read a couple of the Thursday Next series & thought them clever.

  14. im STILL waiting for little fires and it's been MONTHS! (damn library!!)

  15. Thanks for suggesting Bonfire by Kristen Rytter. I hadn't heard of it or seen it on any other blogs. I have been looking for a good thriller and also like that it's set in Indiana


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