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Thankfully Thursday - #10

And once again, linking up with Rebecca on this post. Thankful for the ongoing reminder to keep being thankful. :) And also thankful that it's Thursday and the the weekend is almost here.

Thankful for good neighbors (along with coffee and books, this one is a frequent item I'm thankful for) - I'm pretty sure that we would have moved years ago had we not been blessed with the neighbors we have. It definitely isn't the house that was keeping us in one spot (though we were house-poor at that time and couldn't really afford to move when we wanted to) - but having the neighbors that I do and with what's going on with life right now, I'm glad they're in my corner. To be able to call on them in a moment's notice and be able to trust them in case my kids need something ... they're the best.

Thankful for multiple family members in my kids' lives who can divide and conquer when I can't be at a band concert at one school AND the choir concert at a…

Thankful Day #9

This is going to be short (like me) and sweet (not me) but I didn't want to wait to post it. Trying to link up with Rebecca but as I'm at a conference (and not paying attention) we'll see if it works.

Thankful for social media and the ability to find out about friends in disaster zones. My friend who was in the potential path of Hurricane Irma was definitely in the path of Hurricane Marie. With a 15 minute warning, they packed a carry on for each of them and got on a military transport plane evacuating other law enforcement officers and families to the mainland. They are currently loading up on food and favorites not available in the US Virgin Islands. Prayers to them as they await word on what's waiting for them when they return. I was also able to make contact with a friend in Mexico who lives in the area of the devastating earthquake -- she and her family are safe. They're concerned now about friends missing and aftershocks.

Thankful the way my world has gotten…

Thankful Thursday (#8?)

Thankful Thursday - (skipped last week, but it doesn't mean I wasn't thankful!)

And linking up with Rebecca -- so I'm going to start off with being thankful for the blogging world and new perspectives and friends. My reading list is ever-changing but constantly growing as I 'meet' new bloggers out there. Some are based on running, some on books, some on hygge, some on life-in-general, some I'm not sure how I came across them, and even one on a video game that I'll never play and/or understand.

New glasses (finally) -- It was time for a change. And I look "smartish". #opticalillusion

Race registrations - I don't know why I get so excited about signing up for a race. Logging in early ... counting down till registration opens ... freaking out because I can't get my payment info in correctly the first time and I just KNOW they'll sell out at the cheap price ... all for naught. I'm in! If you want to join in, there's this link ... 2…

What's New - Sept version

Thought I'd try the 3-things list for a change. And linking up with Kristin and Gretchen this week/month.

What I'm eating -
Kind of boring. 

Current obsession is yogurt and berries for breakfast. Found some French-style yogurt ... divine. And it comes in little glass pots ... quel charme! Eggs ... because they're thankfully still in abundance. Need to start freezing some for when the girls decide to go on hiatus for the winter.Leftovers and freezer- or pantry-meals ... gradually cleaning out the pantry/fridge/freezer in preparation for an upcoming freezer-meal-put-together time with friends.

What I'm drinking - 
Coffee. Always coffee. But for the three (main) ways I drink coffee? 

Regular brewCold brew (homemade, preferably)French press (reserved for weekend enjoyment)
What I'm reading - 
Received A Beautiful Work in Progress from Kindle Unlimited? Kindle First? And I was several chapters in before I thought to check out who the author is and she happens to be of fatgirlru…