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Thankful Thursday #7

Today's list of thankful tidbits ... (linking up with Rebecca)

Upcoming long weekend ... but why are the weeks before a long weekend the longest ever?

Vision ... it's one of those things I don't think about until I don't have it or have problems with it. As luck would have it, I get to the eye appointment with overcast/rainy skies and I have to leave with bright sunny skies. Boo to dilation drops but yay for no problems and no change to my prescription for another year!

Clearance endcaps at Target ... I've been wanting a stainless steel cup for hot/cold and am too cheap frugal to get a Yeti cup and too uppity to go to Walmart to get one of their knockoffs I keep hearing about. Yay for Target endcaps and finding my new favorite cup! Side note: I wasn't taking a photo of the price for documentation ... my eyes were still severely dilated and I couldn't see what the price was. Had to click and zoom. No shame. Also of note - remaining school supplies are 90% o…

Thankful Thursday #6

Gradually figuring things out here but linking up with Rebecca again.
This week's items are of a photographic nature - just to mix things up.

These legit taste so much better than Tagalongs. 
It was NOT a good day when we found these at a downtown bakery. 
I mean, it was good ... but not in a "let's find healthy eats at the farmers' market" kind of day.

Imagine my surprise when I stopped by for a visit with my mama and found her roommate watching the Cubs on TV while drinking a brewski. Her family keeps her well-supplied with good German beers. And I seriously don't consider this place a "nursing home".

I guess when the wiper blade looks like this, it's too late.

New windshield wipers. Because you don't realize what you're missing until you can't see when it's raining. Also thankful that the guys put the new wipers on for me. #shortpeopleproblems

New running shoes. Also thankful for Amazon gift certificates ... these babies were free.


Thankful Thursday #5

After last weekend's horrific scene in Virginia, I'm definitely thankful for friends who won't back down when idiots think they can instill fear in our communities.

But for the basic thank-yous of the week ...

Absorbent desk blotters ... because coffee and gravity aren't always the best of friends

Healthy pugs -- but what's up with Frannie being a senior now? Time flies ... pugs do not. Word to the wise. Just kidding, it was only Frannie's annual checkup and Spade's bordetella booster and nail trims for both because it takes 4 people to hold Spade down. #bigboy

Frannie -- happy as can be ... but still trying to escape.
Spade ... this is his normal face. I think he's happy here.

Big salads - I'm trying the mason jar salads this week. Apparently, a quart jar is the equivalent to Elaine's Big Salad on Seinfeld. Best day was when I used fresh garden salsa as the 'dressing'. Also thankful for coworkers with gardens and sharing their fresh-made …

Thankful Thursday #4

Keeping it simple this week - just wanted to get this posted before I forget! 
Family mealtimes  Coffee (told you it'd make a frequent appearance on these lists) Downtime with the kids  Sunrises during morning runs Sunsets during walks with the kids and pugs Fresh eggs Books Texts, calls, emails, and IMs from friends near and far Lotion and lip balm - really. Cinnamon toast (and the 15 year old who asks me to show him out to make it the way my mom taught me) Games with the 13 year old (and that even though her phone was blowing up with texts and notifications, she said "it's Mom/Allie time right now")
Many more ... but saving for another week :)

Reading! Books! -- Show Us Your Books (link-up with Steph and Jana)

This is my first time linking up on the SUYB posts, but I recommend going to Stephanie's and Jana's link-up and checking out everyone else's suggestions/book lists. My list isn't very interesting ...

Here's my thing ... on days when I just don't want to do anything, I still read. I have to read. Well, I try to read. Life circumstances have had a way of sapping me more than I realized. So ... I miss reading as much as I used to, but I'm getting back to it.

I don't read fast and I don't read a lot, but I do have to read something daily and definitely right before bed. It helps push out all the busyness going on inside my head and lets me relax - no matter how exhausted I may be, a few paragraphs and I'm ready for sleepytime. Can't get that with TV or staring mindlessly at my phone before bed.

What I've actually been reading thus far this year (pretty pathetic list, actually) ...
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling - 4 stars - to…

What's New With You ... that You're Thankful For #3 (what?) - Aug ed.

Well, I was planning on doing the monthly What's New With You linkup with Kristen and Gretchen -- but as I need to be more intentional about gratitude and being thankful during this time, I'm going to adapt the WNWY items with Thankful Thursday with Rebecca. Deal with it.

I can't figure out how not to cut off the Thankful Thursday pic ... I guess I'm only 60% thankful today?
First of all, realize that this is basically a chance for me to bore people with what's going on with me. Honestly though, I'm thankful for the posts and comments and texts/e-mails I get when people read what I write - but I'm not a pro at this and am just doing it more for an online diary to keep track of my life. When I see a link-up of any topic, I want to join in just so it gives me something different to write about other than marathon training. It also gives me something else to think about other than what's going on in my personal life.

What I'm eating ... we have a biomet…