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Rodes City Run - 10k (2017)

Friday's packet pickup - First off, I was so excited to bump into and finally quick-meet Rebecca at Knit By God's Hand. I've been a blog-stalker of hers for a few years ... not sure if it all started because she is a Christian knitter or that she runs, but I'm glad I found her blog AND that we just happened to show up at packet pickup around the same time. :)

Weather - Friday's weather was overcast and misty. I was actually hoping that that would be the weather for Saturday morning - it was just perfect running weather - not too chilly and the mist would keep it cool as I sprint through a 10k ... whatever. And Saturday morning's weather app told me that we were under a dense fog advisory until race start time, so we didn't bring our sunglasses. Big mistake.

Morning of - I don't eat a big breakfast before running, but didn't want to crash and burn with no fuel so I stuck with my pre-race tradition of a slice of whole-grain toast and heavy on the pean…

Is this thing on? And my 2017 calendar (plus a couple recaps) ...

This is so late in coming -- it's just a schedule of the races we've already registered for and/or want to add to our growing list. Sad thing is, this is the first place it's being written down so I didn't realize just how many races we've got going on in 2017 ... AND, because I'm so late in writing up anything, there are also a couple recaps to mention.

12/31/16 - EXTOL Sports Benchmark Mile - Found out about this one on Facebook so we signed up. There was a discount code and it ended up being only $5, plus another $10 (maybe?) for a brunch ticket after the race. And it was in downtown New Albany so why not? It was the inaugural race, but had a pretty good turnout (I thought). Everyone got a sling bag, a t-shirt, and gloves. Dogs were welcome too and it was actually a fundraiser for the Arrow Fund (animal rescue). It was also very cold/windy and we were on the riverfront. But it was also only a mile so it was over quickly. I had to stop and walk a few seconds …