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I am a Marathoner!

It's taken me a few days to come down off my cloud 26.2 miles in the sky ;) but I thought I should get this out there before I forget anything.

Pre-race -
I had Friday off work for my birthday holiday so I was able to relax that morning (somewhat - I mean, errands and housework are always on the agenda when I'm off work). But Matt also was able to take 1/2 day from work ... so we went to early voting and then loaded up the car to head to Indianapolis.

Hotel -
This is the first time we've stayed at a hotel as opposed to at my parents' house. It was Matt's idea since this would be my first marathon and we wouldn't have to worry about traffic and parking getting to the start line. I made the reservation MONTHS ago and many of the hotels were already sold out ... the closest one I could find that was still downtown was The Columbia Club - very nice and very historic but very weird ... for being sold out that evening, we never saw another guest. We saw "club me…

What's New with You - linkup

Hey hey - trying to link up this time ... so before I forget, this is a LINK UP with Kristen from See You in a Porridge.

October (as has been the norm) literally flew by. Seriously. It started with vacation, which was then interrupted by a hurricane, and then ended with a lovely Halloween evening.
We have a long driveway so Matt moved the firebowl closer to the street so the trick-or-treaters didn't have to walk so far. According to our neighbors who joined us, we had more visitors this year than ever before ... so Matt and CR are already planning on how to make next year's setup bigger and better!
Marathon training continues. In fact ... IT'S THIS WEEKEND. However, today marks the anniversary of my first race and it was the 5k portion of the race I'm doing this weekend. Some high school friends invited me during the summer of 2012 to join them in the half, but I never got around to registering or even training. 2012 was not a good year for me -- my dad had passed away …