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Indy Women's Half Marathon recap

In summary, rain and puddles. But first ... some anxiety. In short, a good race and one I wouldn't mind adding to my annual race calendar. But because I'm wordy, this isn't a short recap.

For the full recap though, I should start with the few days prior. I was already going to be in Indianapolis for a conference for work (with free pens from vendors!) when I saw that the race would be that following Saturday. I could have driven 100 miles home on Thursday night, back up to Indianapolis on Friday night, and then return home again on Saturday -- but as no one wanted to come cheer me on, I opted to take a vacation day from work on Friday and spend some time with my mom and sister. I'm glad I did but it was a busy time.

Thursday night, mom, sis, and I went downtown for supper to the Greek Islands restaurant. Oh my ... appetizer was flaming cheese (saganaki) and my main course was spinach something (spanakotiropita). The place is authentic Greek and my sister enjoys going. Si…