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Training Tuesday and general recap of life

Marathon Training -- still holding steady with the run 3/walk 2 intervals. I still think it's rather boring BUT it's getting easier. I'm nearly caught up with Downton Abbey, so that counts for something too. It's been too humid to get out and run like I've been meaning to -- we even planned to finally get a run outside this past weekend ... but it called for 7 miles and I didn't want to re-initiate myself to summer-running with a long run. Haven't found anything much to do with cross-training though ... other than walking ... and that doesn't seem like it should count since I already do that M-F at lunchtime. Yay for finally getting up early to run this morning though! Not sure Matt's a big fan of intervals but he stuck with me ... and what's up with no one watering their lawns in the early morning hours any more??
How I felt this morning after finally getting to run outside in more than a month.  Didn't even care about the humidity (too much)…