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Training Tuesday - mid-month recap

Well, let's check out this view of my RunKeeper, as of Sunday (May 15) ...

Check out that big goose egg for the number of miles I've completed by running this month. We are 16 days after the KDF Half and I've done diddly. Zilch. I've walked the bridge several times and walked the dogs multiple times ... but running? Nope. 
I decided that after a weekend of getting mostly caught up on housework, it was time to run. Of course it would be cool and rainy ... so to the gym we went and I did a slow 3 miles. Point is, I got back to it. And I didn't die ... so that's good too.

I'm sure this was originally referring to the Civil Rights Movement.  I love how we can turn any quote into an inspirational meme though ... 
It's funny how perceptions of ourselves change ... when we first joined the YMCA, I'd go up to the 3rd floor and stay on a bike or elliptical since I didn't know how the treadmills worked. Then I'd only stay on those machines until persp…

Race sign-ups and miscellaneous weekend update

So ... I have good intentions. I really do. Meanwhile, I'm slowly turning back into a slug. THIS is why I need a race on my schedule -- otherwise, I do nothing but eat all the things.

This is also the week where so many races seem to have their deadline for cheap registrations. And since my new goal is to run 50 half-marathons before I turn 50 (4 halfs down and 5 1/2 years to go), might as well get signed up for them! I've mentioned before how frugal I try to be, even if said frugalness puts us further into debt because I MUST sign up now when it's cheap, rather than wait till we have funds allocated in the budget. Ugh ... but I am excited that I have registrations for two halfs already completed. Unfortunately, they'll be a week apart.

First up is the KDF Half again (low registration fee through May 14th, I think). Some crazy thought passed through my head about signing up for the full instead of the half. I squished that thought in a heartbeat.

Then one week after th…

Training Tuesday -- Looking Ahead

Is this still considered "Training Tuesday" if I'm not currently in training? I thought it'd be a good time to look ahead now that the KDF half is over and I'm resting up for the next training cycle to start.

I'm reading Marathoning for Mortals -- I'm not quite done with it but it's been a great resource so far. One of the things I checked is if it gave suggestions for what to do after a race ... and it does! Previously, I'd finish a race and pretty much not do anything until it was time to start training for another one. Apparently, that's not the thing to do ... after a day or two of rest, I'll be getting back out there to run again. And this makes me happy. Weird.

Shoes -- this is the first time my feet have hurt after a race. It was like the balls of my feet were bruised and I don't know if it was a result of the race or the fact that I got home and put on Old Navy flip-flops (zero arch support) for the rest of the day or my shoes we…

Kentucky Derby Festival Half-Marathon - 2016

So ... I ran the KDF Half this weekend. This is my 2nd time on this course and really just wanted to beat my time from last year (2:34). Last year's race was chilly, rainy, and I had bronchitis. Let's see how it went this year ...

As many runners know, a race is not run in just that day. Weeks and months of training lead up to this point. The week of the race is a taper week -- where considerably less mileage is done (or next to none, in my case) so the body isn't worn out by the time the race day arrives. Nutrition is also important - throughout training but also during the days leading up to the race. Sleep ... also important. Blah blah blah.

Training -- meh ... I mostly did the Norton's Sports Health training program. Not all but most of it. Mainly signed up for the sweet (read: free) tech shirt.

Nutrition -- I actually was doing pretty good with this. Yes, I binged more than I should have. Chocolate is not safe around me. Taper week though? I bombed it. Wednesday o…