Monday, April 18, 2016

Musings on a Monday

I've come to the conclusion that I do considerably more in the first two hours I'm awake and still at home than I do in the rest of the day -- at least during the workweek. Why is that? I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee but I rush around like I'm on the 2nd pot of the day.

Coffee brings determination to do all the things!

Morning commutes would be much better if drivers would let other cars merge into their lane AND if those asking to merge didn't just push their way in. Makes the drive much nicer when I'm not shooting poopy-looks at the driver in front of me who refused to let me in.

I am NOT advocating guns but if someone did this, I'd let them merge, no problems here!

Marathon Monday! Live-streaming at work is a thing. Makes me dream that I could one day qualify for Boston (that'll be at age 80 at the pace I'm currently running).

Came across a post on FB about either how to keep employees or how to run them off. Whichever, the part that spoke to me most was to continue to challenge your employees on an intellectual level. I'm not getting that here and it's a big source of my discontent. It's a good job and I still have 20 years to go before retirement ... but I can't imagine being here that much longer though. Ugh ... kind of makes me wish I were part of the millenial-job force that changes jobs every year or so. I can't handle that much change and that frequently. Generation X, for the win!

I know, Dwight. I know.

Found out that I've hit my limit on treadmills. Had to do 12 miles this weekend and Saturday was chock-full of busy-ness. Sunday was much the same but since Matt was going to the Y to climb, I figured I'd tag along and get my 12 miles done in the A/C and watching TV. Since the machines have a 'safety' feature that cuts off after 60 minutes, I did the first hour with no problems -- but my foot started hurting again at the start of the 2nd hour ... so I only got 6 miles in and then did a 2 1/2 mile walk outside along the riverfront. I'm OK with it though. I'll get the rest of my runs in outside and hopefully be ready for the half next weekend. (NEXT weekend!?!)

We've gone more than a year without a car payment but I think it's going to change soon -- hopefully not till next year though.

So much for building up savings ... 

Allergies -- I'm thankful that mine aren't bad. I never had to deal with them until I moved to this area and they're only a minor annoyance. Seeing how other people are suffering though -- I think I'd go through the allergy shots just so I don't have the drug-induced haze every year.

Sweaty clothes at work -- let's just say, it's a good thing I have my own office and access to the A/C thermostat AND that very few ever have a need to come to my office anyway ... because warm weather doesn't stop my from getting my 3.5 mile walk in at lunch. Maybe that's why no one comes to my office ... ??

Have a good week!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Training Tuesday - because, why not?

This is the month of my next half -- 25 days away ... and I'm already nervous. What's up with that? I guess because I'm so determined to beat last year's time.

Still getting my KDF training runs in -- not exactly on the days I'm supposed to but still getting the full mileage in. Saturday was windy out the wazoo around here and there was no way I was going to venture out there and get blown off course. Sunday wasn't much better so we went to the Y and I did my 9 miles ... on. the. treadmill. All 9 of them.

Sweet cracker sandwich ... that wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be but I'm not sure I want to do all my long runs on a treadmill. Plus, as nice as it was outside (even windy) and only maybe 4 treadmills were being used, some lady chooses the one RIGHT next to me to get her stroll in while checking Facebook for an hour. I mean, it made me feel like I was going super-fast but when I was getting tired and wanted to walk, it didn't motivate me to keep running. Also didn't help that AMC was running a Walking Dead marathon so I got to watch a couple episodes in the current season that won't be on Netflix until October. No worries -- Facebook spoilers already told me about Sam and Jessie (boo!) and then Carl's boo-boo (yikes!).

Sorry - found a pug and had to use it. 
I think it's moving faster than the lady next to me was though ...

Facebook "on this day" memories have been fun to look at -- this one came up over the weekend. I still have the scars ...

A sweet blogger gal (found here) reminded me of tapering ... but my training schedule must be different from hers because I still have 9 miles to do this weekend, 12 the following weekend, and then it goes down. As much stuff as we try to pack in on the weekends, I was looking forward to tapering ... but I guess I'll try to stick with the training schedule as much as I can.

A friend from way-back-when invited Matt and I to join her and her husband in running the Carmel Half Marathon with them which would fit right in with my schedule. The thing is -- her husband is one of the elite runners who also brings a book to leave at the check-in so he has something to do while he waits for his lovely wife and friends to finish. She is a run-the-whole-race runner so I feel bad when she stops to walk with me since it slows her down. Plus, Matt's not interested in spending the night at my mom's house (a double bed, when he's 6'2" tall and used to a queen bed) and getting up at 5:30 to get to the race on time. And I'm cheap frugal so I take issue with paying $70 each for a free t-shirt and banana. This will be one to remember for next year though and sign up when registration is a bit cheaper.

And this also came in the mail this weekend that was already recommended by the same sweet blogger gal ...

I'm reading it now to prepare for when my marathon training starts. I'm the type who is already planning to register for next year's marathon (yes, November 2017) when I haven't done this one yet -- because I want to beat my goal. And the medals will even out (two red for the two halfs and two blue for the two fulls). But I also don't believe in "sandbagging" my time this year -- I want to complete training and give it my all ... and then improve on that the next year. It just seems like sandbagging is a way of lying to myself and I don't wanna do that. :)

So that's what's going on in my training thus far ... Oh - and still walking 3 or 4 miles each day at lunch, but I don't think that counts as training. That's more like gotta-get-out-of-the-office-for-my-sanity breaks. Doesn't everyone take those?

Friday, April 1, 2016

April goals - 2016

I thought I'd try actually writing down some goals for this month and see if I'm able to mark any of them off when April 30 arrives. I mean, I'm the type of person who writes down "make a list" on my to-do list, just so I can mark it off. I'm going to try to actually write down goals not yet accomplished and that will require some effort.

Family - I'm in the sandwich generation so I want to make sure I spend time with my mama, as well as one-on-one time with my husband and kids. Since Mom can't come down here as often as she used to, I try to make sure we get up to Indianapolis to see her at least monthly. We aren't always successful but I'm trying and this is a goal for the month. (Side note: My mom and dad would come down to babysit with less than 10 minutes notice -- meaning, they would drive 100 miles to babysit if I happened to be talking to my mom early in the morning and one of the kids were sick. I couldn't ask that of my mother-in-law who lives 5 minutes away and I never expected my parents to make the trip -- they would volunteer and I appreciated them so much for that! I know they just wanted to spend time with their grandkids but it also helped me out immensely.) With immediate family -- family game night, one-on-one time with each of the kids, and a date night with Matt. Our date nights usually consist of Target runs but we're trying to be more intentional on spending time with each other.

Church/Spirituality - I've really only attended two churches in my lifetime. The one I grew up in and was married in, then the one Matt grew up in and where I joined after getting married and moving down here. Until the past year or so, I never had a desire to try out anywhere else. I just don't feel like I'm being spiritually fed at our church now. There's no women's group, there's no young-ish couples group, and the options for a weekly Bible study are either in the middle of a workday or non-existent/non-consistent on Wednesday nights (it's more topical based rather than Biblical-based). Now that neither of us have leadership jobs within the church, we're actually freer than we've ever been to try new places ... if we can just do it. Goal is to try a new church for at least one Sunday this month AND start a personal Bible study. I don't have a group to do one with and while I feel like I need the accountability of meeting with people and discussing in person, if I want to be fed, I need to find the food myself ... at least for this month. :)

Physically - I'm not really trying to lose weight but if the number on the scale goes down, woohoo! I'm really enjoying running so my goal with that is to FINISH the KDF training program. I know I need to do some cross-training as well but I'm going to focus on the running part for now. Then when I start marathon training this summer, I will be cross-training as required. Food-wise - try to eat healthier. However, because I don't like to throw things away, I will definitely finish the bag of Cadbury mini-eggs in my desk drawer at work. I mean, what fool throws those lovelies out?

Job-wise - yeah, not really sure if I can set a goal here. I guess really just try to be more thankful/grateful that I have a job. That's all I say about that.

Home-wise - finish painting! We've lived in this house for 13 years and haven't really done too much to make it ours. We went out and bought paint for the entryway, hallway, and living room ... this was in January. Here it is April 1st and we have the entryway painted and maybe 1/4 of the hallway and none of the living room. (sigh ... )

Financially - we've been trying to pay down/pay off our credit cards for years but haven't been consistent about it. Not sure what can be done in a month but I'm going to strive not to use my credit card at all this month AND find some things around the house that can be sold, then add that money directly to a credit card payment. The thing is, I don't go out for lunch at work any more and don't go shopping ... so this is pretty easy for me and my one credit card. Matt has three and he's the one who usually fills up the gas tanks and occasionally goes out for lunches or coffee at work. It'll be OK and it's all baby steps anyway.

Reading - we'll try for 4 books this month. It's my fault for picking overly long or potentially boring books and once I start a book, I have to finish it. Goodreads informed me today that I am 2 books behind on my goal to read 45 books this year. Thanks for the pressure, Goodreads.

Can't think of any other goals to add at this point. If I can accomplish each of these, I'll be doing better on April 30 than I was on April 1! And none of the pugs above are mine. I just thought they were all cute.

These are the two who bring joy to our home:

This is Spade (left) and Frannie 
(and my mini-me in the middle)