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Musings on a Monday

I've come to the conclusion that I do considerably more in the first two hours I'm awake and still at home than I do in the rest of the day -- at least during the workweek. Why is that? I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee but I rush around like I'm on the 2nd pot of the day.

Coffee brings determination to do all the things!
Morning commutes would be much better if drivers would let other cars merge into their lane AND if those asking to merge didn't just push their way in. Makes the drive much nicer when I'm not shooting poopy-looks at the driver in front of me who refused to let me in.

I am NOT advocating guns but if someone did this, I'd let them merge, no problems here!
Marathon Monday! Live-streaming at work is a thing. Makes me dream that I could one day qualify for Boston (that'll be at age 80 at the pace I'm currently running).

Came across a post on FB about either how to keep employees or how to run them off. Whichever, the part t…

Training Tuesday - because, why not?

This is the month of my next half -- 25 days away ... and I'm already nervous. What's up with that? I guess because I'm so determined to beat last year's time.

Still getting my KDF training runs in -- not exactly on the days I'm supposed to but still getting the full mileage in. Saturday was windy out the wazoo around here and there was no way I was going to venture out there and get blown off course. Sunday wasn't much better so we went to the Y and I did my 9 miles ... on. the. treadmill. All 9 of them.

Sweet cracker sandwich ... that wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be but I'm not sure I want to do all my long runs on a treadmill. Plus, as nice as it was outside (even windy) and only maybe 4 treadmills were being used, some lady chooses the one RIGHT next to me to get her stroll in while checking Facebook for an hour. I mean, it made me feel like I was going super-fast but when I was getting tired and wanted to walk, it didn't motivate me to k…

April goals - 2016

I thought I'd try actually writing down some goals for this month and see if I'm able to mark any of them off when April 30 arrives. I mean, I'm the type of person who writes down "make a list" on my to-do list, just so I can mark it off. I'm going to try to actually write down goals not yet accomplished and that will require some effort.

Family - I'm in the sandwich generation so I want to make sure I spend time with my mama, as well as one-on-one time with my husband and kids. Since Mom can't come down here as often as she used to, I try to make sure we get up to Indianapolis to see her at least monthly. We aren't always successful but I'm trying and this is a goal for the month. (Side note: My mom and dad would come down to babysit with less than 10 minutes notice -- meaning, they would drive 100 miles to babysit if I happened to be talking to my mom early in the morning and one of the kids were sick. I couldn't ask that of my mother-in…