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Papa John's 10 miler - 2016

There really is something to be said for this training schedule. I'm not really able to get to each day's training mileage, but I'm trying! And I don't cross-train like I should (not at all, actually). But I beat last year's time by 10 minutes and got a PR over 2014's time by 8 minutes!

Traditional pre-race photo
Last year, we were late in finding a parking spot and late in getting to the start line, then I had to visit the port-a-potties so by the time we actually crossed the start line, we were surrounded by walkers. (This sounds cooler if you watch The Walking Dead.) I think we just went out too fast and then paid for it by both of us getting worse times than the year before.

THIS year, we were determined to get over to the stadium EARLY. Alarm went off at 6:00 but the weather ended up being colder than what we originally thought which required a change of race attire. My breakfast consisted of a slice of whole grain bread with a ginormous scoop of peanut bu…

Rodes City 10k - a little PR and a not-so-good weekend

I was not feeling good for this race. Not at all. All my prep and training just seemed to fly out the window in the 24 hours before the race. But I got it done. And with a slight (and totally unexpected) PR to boot!

Pre-race summary -- since Matt and Allie were going to the Roadshow concert on Friday, right after work and school, I drove the not-so-good car to work and was fulling planning on walking from downtown Jeffersonville to Slugger Field and back at lunchtime for packet pickup. I was even looking forward to it since it was going to be a nice-ish day. I had just gotten to work when Allie sent a text saying "I think Grandma fell" (Grandma, being my mom who was visiting with my sister). After a few more texts, it was determined that my sister had it under control, would be taking my mom back home to Indianapolis that afternoon, and the kids were off to school. Immediately after that, my sister called and said she had instead sent them to school so they wouldn't be w…