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Indianapolis Winter Warm-up 8 mile

I'm a frugal kind of person. When I go to the grocery, I compare different items based on actual price and what the price per ounce is. Then, if I throw coupons into the mix, I try to figure out how much less per ounce or per serving that item would be. Pennies add up.

Apparently, I'm the same way with figuring out what races to do. Rather than sign up for the Triple Crown this year (Anthem 5k, Rodes City 10k, and Papa John's 10 miler) and get a rather flimsy additional t-shirt just to say I did all three races, I used my grocery-store-frugality on race options. On one hand, we had the Anthem 5k for $25.
Pros - a local race, a chance to beat my PR from last year (ran the entire race except for the water stop - also a first for me!), and a chance to get that extra t-shirt to brag about doing all 3 races.
Cons - we didn't even pick up last year's Triple Crown shirt because we were disappointed in the one we got in 2014 and had to figure out how/when to pick it up sin…

Spring is here! (if only for the weekend)

Training for the half coming up on April 30 has been kind of blah lately. Just not feeling it ... which makes me sad since I do enjoy running. Have just had a lot on my plate at work, at home, at church, at health issues, at everywhere ... it seems like. Running is my way to get away from all that -- running away from my problems? Yes, please.

But I actually was able to stay on target for training this week. I did drop down from Level 2 (have run races before) to Level 1 (newbie) but I'm OK with that as long as I'm getting the miles in. It also helps that we're doing a "flash challenge" on our FitBits at work this week. Anyone who gets in 25 miles between Monday to Monday is put into a drawing for something from Can't wait! Hope I win! 

And the weather? Oh, spring fever has hit me today. It's super nice out already and it's supposed to be even better on Saturday. I'll get out and run outside by myself, if I have to. Need to buck up and…