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The one where I insert a photo ...

or maybe not.

My monthly goal was supposed to be an AVERAGE of 66.67 miles ... per month ... running. And what have I done by the almost-end of the first month? 17. So that's not looking good but I'm not changing the goal. I have several races lined up that will at least get me some mileage throughout the year PLUS that half-marathon I'm supposed to be training for in November. I'm not too worried. Yet.

GymPact is now Pact and I'm rolling in the dough now! Not really ... but they started out where you could get paid by making a PACT with yourself to go to the GYM at least 3x/week. And if you miss and only go 2x/week? Boom - that's gonna cost you $5. Get sick and only go 1x that week? Boom-Boom - that just cost you $10. So the extra motivation is there to not lose any money. Making money is another story -- you really only get about 40 cents or so per visit within your pact but it adds up. Since Jan 1st, they added a Food Log p…
Random thoughts -
With the crazy Midwest weather we've been having, we had a -40 wind chill a week ago and Matt and I were able to get out and run this morning at 45 degrees. Really? No wonder so many people get sick around here. There isn't a gradual decline in temperatures and then a slow awakening as spring arrives. 

Running - my goal is still 800 miles for the year and I'm now at 11 miles ran (that's 1%, according to RunKeeper) and a total of 22.5 miles ran/walked for the month. Boom. Kinda nice getting new shoes at Pacers and Racers (Saucony, because that's what the cool girls wear -- and they weren't purple like my last pair, which were also Saucony). New Balega running socks too. On fire!

Reading the Bible -- I'm so far behind, it's not funny. I need to bring the One Year Bible (actual book) in to work with me so I can read the next day on rainy day lunch hours. I *hope* that it's the same schedule as what I have in my Bible app. Must check.

One of my goals for 2014 is to run 800 miles. I'm sure I can do it -- just need to remember to update my RunKeeper when I do runs at the Y or the treadmill. Not really sure why I picked 800 ... that comes to (math in my head ... ) (never mind, can't do it ... ) 66+ miles/month? Wait ... really??

Wow. OK. So .. that seems a lofty goal but I would like to go on record and say yes, I accept that challenge.

So with that in mind ... I have run/walk (because I'm counting the walking if it's part of a running workout) 2.5 miles thus far in 2014 and 797.5 more to go. Yep.

However, with a 5k in February, a 10k and 10 miler in March, a virtual 5k and virtual 5 miler in May, a 5k in July, a virtual 5 miler in September, a HALF-marathon and a 5 miler in November, and another 5k in December ... with all those, that's gotta come close to some number. And then the training for all that? Even better! Holy moley ... the races are only 56 miles. OK. Well, let's do this then. (in…

2014 is here

Hello World ... and welcome to 2014! (one day late is better than never, right?)

I hate this time of year because there are so many things I want to make a New Year's Resolution about that I simply get overwhelmed, quit on all of them, go back to self-pity at not being able to change anything ... until the next Jan. 1. Maybe that's why I'm writing this on Jan. 2nd ... to avoid the hoopla that goes with anything promised or attempted on Jan. 1. 

What to do ... what to do ... 

I want to do more and be more present. I want to better myself while also spend more time with Matt and the kids. I want more than 24 hours in a day and still be able to sleep 7-8 hours/night. I want the impossible but I want to be able to do it all.

What I need is a bit different. I need to be more in tune with God, my family, nature, myself. I need to remember that it's not all about me. I need to remember. Period. And also be flexible with whatever comes my way.

So what I'm going to actually DO i…