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Half-Marathon #1 ... in the books!

I did it! I didn't know if I could or how I would do or what ... but I did it!

Training recap - basically next to nothing. I mean, we ran (Matt and I) and we tried to get out 3-4 times a week but we only did 3 miles each time during the week and would try to do 4 or 5 (one time, 6!) miles on the weekend. Long runs though? No, didn't happen. I tried to use the training schedule set up for the Kentucky Derby Festival Half-Marathon and let's just say that I was a little more motivated than Matt was to get out there and get those miles in. He's a good guy though - he humored me most days. It helped that I ran a 10k up in Indianapolis about a month before and even though I walked more than I had planned, I PR'd by about 2 minutes (from the Rodes City Run in March).

Race recap - rocked it! And I don't think I could have done it without Johanna - a friend from high school who was one of three who helped me become interested in running in the first place. That day was …

Half Marathon Training - Day 1

Bit of a letdown, actually. I mean, Matt and I are used to doing at least 2.5 miles when we run the neighborhood loop. Today called for "only" 2 miles ... but since we both need to be going for at least 30 minutes for it to count for our Pact app, we included the walking part (warm up and cool down).

Taking the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon/Marathon training program and plugging it into our calendar, and with today as the start date, we're able to run through the whole program TWICE with the 2nd end date being on November 1st - date of the Indianapolis Monumental Half/Full Marathon. No more 5k races for me! Actually, I'll continue to run 5k races but only for a good reason (beat my time from last year, encourage the kids to participate, a fundraiser, etc.).

As of Jan 1st, this running thing and tracking my food (mostly honest and accurate) on MyFitnessPal has helped me lose close to 10 pounds. 8 pounds actually, but I like to round up when it comes to losing …

Now I'm mad ...

Maybe this is what it takes but I'm seriously ticked off at myself. Everything was going well today -- woke up early to go for a run w/ Matt. He said he was too tired so instead of resetting my alarm clock, I got dressed and hit the treadmill for 2 miles. Made an awesome spinach and strawberry salad to take for lunch at work, had my usual breakfast smoothie with Visalus shake mix, coffee, coffee ice cubes, chia seeds, and ground flax meal. I'm hitting my stride, I'm feeling good, it's going to be a great day!

On the way out the door, I think "ooh, I think I should get a little chocolate as a treat today!" -- see the last box of Thin Mints (do you see where this is going?) and instead of grabbing only 4 (a serving size, mind you), I grab a whole tube ... which is 7 servings. And still think to myself that I will space these out over the rest of the week at work. Right .... I just ate the whole tube and am seriously mad at myself. Honestly? Normally or usually,…

Why 10 miles is "nothing"

True story -- I ran 10 miles this weekend. "Ran", as in ran/walked in intervals of no consistent lengths. I ran till I couldn't anymore, walked for a bit (sometimes too long), then ran some more. I'd run when spectators were close by and were cheering everyone on. I'd keep running to get to a certain point along the road (OK, to the stop light. OK, to the overpass. OK, to the other side of the overpass. OK, stop now -- no, not right in front of the spectators. Go to the other side of them. OK, to the speed limit sign. etc.)

So after a 5k on Feb. 22, a 10k on Mar. 8, and now a 10-miler on Mar 22 (where I finished 1/2 hour FASTER than my goal time, yeah, I'm braggin' on myself), I know I can do it. And it bugs me that had I gone another 5k, it would have been a half-marathon. It would have taken me another 45 minutes, probably ... but the point is ... if I have a goal of 3 hours to do a half, I totally could have done it without any official training.

So do…

Homemade Laundry Detergent

This is a super easy recipe that makes about 3 1/2 gallons of laundry detergent ... which then gives me enough for about 50 loads of laundry ... for mere pennies! I mean, it literally costs me pennies to make vs. paying $19.99 for the ginormous (but enormously popular) "Wave" brand. Yes, I miss the scent that goes with fresh laundry but that can be easily remedied by adding a fabric softener or some essential oils on a woolen dryer ball in the dryer (or did "DRYER BALL" give that away?).

Items needed:
1 bar laundry soap - I use Fels-Naptha
Borax powder - I use 20 Mule Team brand
Washing Soda (not baking soda ... because we're WASHING, not BAKING) - Arm and Hammer, all the way
a crockpot (enough to hold 8 cups)
a 5 gallon bucket with lid (can get at Home Depot or Lowe's but we got ours from a local restaurant that was selling them for $1/each to raise funds for an orphanage.)

Unwrap the bar of soap and put in crockpot with 8 cups of water.
'Cook' on …

Band memories

At the ISSMA band contest with Will today while Matt and Allie do their thing. Brings back a lot of memories of playing flute from 5th to 10th grade and also bassoon in 9th and 10th. 
I'm ok with it if Will wants to drop band .. which he has mentioned on numerous occasions. As long as he does something else to get him out and about with his peers. 
** In other news, I loaded the Blogger app so maybe I'll do more posting.

The Race List

So, just for kicks ... here are the races I've completed since I started this journey:

Indianapolis Monumental 5k - 11/3/12 -
The last day I was 40. The plan earlier that year was to run the half-marathon with friends from high school. Due to no training, I convinced Matt to run the 5k with me and we'd still get to hang out with my friends later that day. Still no training (even for a 5k), as in no running or jogging or anything whatsoever beforehand ... hence the lovely time for my first ever PR.

Fast Freddy's Festive Five-Mile Foot Feast - 11/22/12
Painful, but finished. I think my time was 1:10 but will update when I can. There were hills, it was cold, and we were hosting Thanksgiving Lunch at our house immediately following. It worked out well because we cooked the bird the night before and everyone else was bringing everything else.

no race - but I started the Couch to 5k running app - 1/2/13
Stayed with it pretty consistently 3-4 days/week -- even with the treadmill …
The one where I insert a photo ...

or maybe not.

My monthly goal was supposed to be an AVERAGE of 66.67 miles ... per month ... running. And what have I done by the almost-end of the first month? 17. So that's not looking good but I'm not changing the goal. I have several races lined up that will at least get me some mileage throughout the year PLUS that half-marathon I'm supposed to be training for in November. I'm not too worried. Yet.

GymPact is now Pact and I'm rolling in the dough now! Not really ... but they started out where you could get paid by making a PACT with yourself to go to the GYM at least 3x/week. And if you miss and only go 2x/week? Boom - that's gonna cost you $5. Get sick and only go 1x that week? Boom-Boom - that just cost you $10. So the extra motivation is there to not lose any money. Making money is another story -- you really only get about 40 cents or so per visit within your pact but it adds up. Since Jan 1st, they added a Food Log p…
Random thoughts -
With the crazy Midwest weather we've been having, we had a -40 wind chill a week ago and Matt and I were able to get out and run this morning at 45 degrees. Really? No wonder so many people get sick around here. There isn't a gradual decline in temperatures and then a slow awakening as spring arrives. 

Running - my goal is still 800 miles for the year and I'm now at 11 miles ran (that's 1%, according to RunKeeper) and a total of 22.5 miles ran/walked for the month. Boom. Kinda nice getting new shoes at Pacers and Racers (Saucony, because that's what the cool girls wear -- and they weren't purple like my last pair, which were also Saucony). New Balega running socks too. On fire!

Reading the Bible -- I'm so far behind, it's not funny. I need to bring the One Year Bible (actual book) in to work with me so I can read the next day on rainy day lunch hours. I *hope* that it's the same schedule as what I have in my Bible app. Must check.

One of my goals for 2014 is to run 800 miles. I'm sure I can do it -- just need to remember to update my RunKeeper when I do runs at the Y or the treadmill. Not really sure why I picked 800 ... that comes to (math in my head ... ) (never mind, can't do it ... ) 66+ miles/month? Wait ... really??

Wow. OK. So .. that seems a lofty goal but I would like to go on record and say yes, I accept that challenge.

So with that in mind ... I have run/walk (because I'm counting the walking if it's part of a running workout) 2.5 miles thus far in 2014 and 797.5 more to go. Yep.

However, with a 5k in February, a 10k and 10 miler in March, a virtual 5k and virtual 5 miler in May, a 5k in July, a virtual 5 miler in September, a HALF-marathon and a 5 miler in November, and another 5k in December ... with all those, that's gotta come close to some number. And then the training for all that? Even better! Holy moley ... the races are only 56 miles. OK. Well, let's do this then. (in…

2014 is here

Hello World ... and welcome to 2014! (one day late is better than never, right?)

I hate this time of year because there are so many things I want to make a New Year's Resolution about that I simply get overwhelmed, quit on all of them, go back to self-pity at not being able to change anything ... until the next Jan. 1. Maybe that's why I'm writing this on Jan. 2nd ... to avoid the hoopla that goes with anything promised or attempted on Jan. 1. 

What to do ... what to do ... 

I want to do more and be more present. I want to better myself while also spend more time with Matt and the kids. I want more than 24 hours in a day and still be able to sleep 7-8 hours/night. I want the impossible but I want to be able to do it all.

What I need is a bit different. I need to be more in tune with God, my family, nature, myself. I need to remember that it's not all about me. I need to remember. Period. And also be flexible with whatever comes my way.

So what I'm going to actually DO i…