Marathon #2 - in the books! (long post)

Such a great weekend and I'm sure this won't make sense ... just going to write as things come to mind so bear with me.

Friday morning - did a short 'shakeout run' in the morning since I knew I needed to loosen up and get my mind in gear for the weekend. That picture below? Multiply that by 10 or so for how my brain works while I'm running. I pray, add to to-do lists, plan meals, trips, think of things to bring up during the settlement 'discussions', things I wish I had said if given the chance, things that could happen but likely won't, etc. and of course I can't write anything down so I forget it all as soon as I'm done. #NBD

Then after a quick doctor visit and a stop at Starbucks (just say no to PSL, #thankyouverymuch), on the road to Indianapolis.

Met up with one of my oldest and dearest friends who has seen me at my best and my worst and is still there for me regardless. Said it once, and I'll say it again - everyone needs an Amy in their life, even if you give your Amy another name. Got to meet Millie and Arlo (two incredibly huge beasts who are just as friendly as can be ... after they knock you over and lick you to death). Wish I would have taken pics of them and of the working loom at their masters' house -- amazing!

Amy and I went from Irvington to downtown for packet pickup. I was hoping she'd be encouraged and motivated to join me in one of my upcoming races ... and score! she registered for the Indy Mini that will be in May. Double score! just got an email on Monday that Meb Keflezighi (I had to look that up) will be returning to this race! I veered slightly off course during this year's Mini to get a high-five from him - talk about a power-up. Loaded up on freebies at the Clif bar table (did you know they're made in Indianapolis? I did not - now I do) and then also chatted with the people at the Glass City Marathon table (did you know Toledo is known as "Glass City"? I did not - now I do) and also stopped at the Runner's Forum booth to buy some more Body Glide (I did not realize I lost the tube in the 'settlement' - now I do). Then from there, off to find some lunch.

Went to BRU Burger on Mass Ave. and sweet cracker sandwich ... so good. It wasn't literally a sweet cracker sandwich. More like a turkey burger with carrot-ginger slaw, peach compote, and curried mayo.

Back to my childhood home to start getting things ready for the following morning. My usual pre-race meal is pizza. I've never tried carb-loading with pasta - but since my hands tend to swell during long races, I've found that high-sodium meals the night before seem to help keep the swelling down. We went to UNO's for some pizza ... only to find out that half the southside had the same idea. Decided on Panera instead -- and was nervous about changing up pre-race traditions.

Got a good luck text from my son ... I think. 
Got an actual good luck text from my daughter.

For the first time ever ... EVER ... I was asleep early and slept through the night. I NEVER sleep through the night before a race of any length. Woke up feeling like I could actually run a marathon that morning/day.

Parked in my usual location (seriously, parked in the exact same spot for the past three races in Indpls - give me a reserved spot already) and sat in the car giving myself a pep-talk. Other cars were pulling in and it looked like they were doing the same. I was too nervous to eat anything but knew I needed some sort of fuel ... so I had eaten a protein bar on the way downtown and had a jar of peanut butter in the car. Right before getting out, I took a finger-scoop of PB and hoped that'd be enough to get started -- turned around and there were a couple of guys parked next to me asking if I had any peanut butter to share. The jar was nearly empty but I let them have what was left -- #proteinneedsarereal #runnersareweird #peanutbuttersaveslives.

The weather was much cooler than I was expecting but everyone said it was going to warm up and be sunny and the rain would hold off till the afternoon. Please note: everyone lies. Temp at the start was mid-40s and breezy. I went ahead and brought my running sunglasses ... never put them on and never even saw the sun until halfway on the drive home that evening.

This was the first year for waves and corrals -- not sure how it worked out overall but our area wasn't nearly as crowded as it usually is so hopefully they'll do this again. Had my trusty interval timer set for run 5 min/walk 1 min ... and finally it was our turn to start.

Johanna was running the half this year so I decided to run with her for a few miles before starting my timer -- ended up starting it after the water stop at the 3 mile point ... and then dropped it on the pavement right after the 5 mile marker. Luckily I realized it before I went too many steps ... but it was no longer alerting me of when to walk or run - no beep, no vibration, nothing. The timer worked so I just had to remember to keep looking down at it to see when to slow to a walk or when to start running again. I wasn't too concerned about it but when I was in the running groove, I know I skipped some walk intervals ... which made me more tired as the run went on. Yay for Amazon gift certificates because I need this interval timer. Need. It's not a want. Need.

Things noticed during the race -
  • I love the spectator support along the whole route! Also loved seeing some of the same faces as they moved along the course and how they'd recognize me and some of the others running in my pack.
  • Around mile 4? we were still in amongst the buildings downtown and there were several policemen and EMTs outside one building. The EMTs had a body on a stretcher ... I'm pretty sure that was a body bag I was seeing too.
  • Rather than have my name on my bib this year, I changed it to say "Birthday Girl" so it was fun hearing "Go Birthday Girl!" along the way. For those not in the know, it was indeedy-o my birthday. Inching closer to 50 ... 

  • right around mile 14? 15? I decided that this would be my final marathon as long as I beat my time from last year. 
  • Ran past the Governor's Mansion -- last year, it was swarming with Secret Service vehicles (right after the election ... Pence ... don't make me go there); this year, just a 'regular' house along the way
  • Battle of the Beer was set up again -- on one side of the street, PBR; on the other, Coors Light. Seems like it's a friendly neighborhood competition to see which table gets the most runners to stop. Another table had Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers available. 
  • Was waiting to hit the wall again -- no wall this year! Last year, it was around mile 21 or 22. Tummy was not happy with me this year though - I blame the Clif Shots I tried at mile 15. Need to stick with the Boom Energy Gels I trained with.
  • LOVE running through IMA or Newfields or whatever the art museum's name is now. 
  • Found it odd/concerning that I never had to stop to go to the bathroom. Guess I was sweating out the water/Gatorade I got at every water stop. Yay for the tables that also had pretzels, bananas, oranges, Snicker bars, and gummy bears! 
  • Saw one runner collapse onto the sidewalk -- but he waved everyone on. "It's just a cramp - go! Keep running!"
  • Saw another runner just stop in the middle of the street. We were maybe 1/2 mile from the finish and she couldn't take another step -- both legs had totally cramped up and she was in tears and hanging onto her running buddy. Both of them waved everyone else on "Finish strong! Medics are on the way - don't worry about us!"
  • Made a point of not checking my time until I got to the finish line -- I just wanted to beat last year's time of 5:15 ... when I turned off my RunKeeper? 5:08 ... official time? 5:07:42. Kapow. 
  • And finally, I only drink chocolate milk after a race - tastes better and it's more of a treat that I earned. Last year, I knew the lady handing them out and she gave me an extra bottle. This year, the volunteers were handing out two bottles to every runner and it was her husband who was handing them out ... he gave me three. :)

Now that it's three days out from the race? I'm pretty sure I'm going to register for another full next year. It's not the race that takes so much out of me -- I mean, it does, but I seem to recover well since I'm not technically "racing" -- it's the training that's involved. But Allie agreed that I should try again to beat 5 hours. I'm pretty sure Will is OK either way as long as I let him sleep or don't make him run with me. :)

Trying to decide if I want to purchase the clear frame that will hold this medal series in place. For the non-Indy people, the completed series is based on the flag of Indianapolis. I had to work for those ribbons too though ... and I'd have to cut them off to put them in the frame. 2 halfs, 2 fulls ... center medallion earned only if you completed the 4 years. AND they announced that 2018-2021 will be a new 4 year medal series ... if I get started on that series, I'm going to have to finish it.

And absolutely last of all ... what to blog about now that this race is over?? If you've read this far and if you've been one of the many who have commented, texted, emailed throughout this process - thank you!


  1. Awesome! the fact that you ran a marathon is incredible. my friend ran her first ever marathon a couple of weeks ago and she hated most of it but then immediately signed up for another one LOL.

  2. That SomeECard is on point!! Congrats on the marathon, that's awesome!

    Nicole @


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