What's New - Sept version

Thought I'd try the 3-things list for a change. And linking up with Kristin and Gretchen this week/month.

What I'm eating - 
Kind of boring. 

  1. Current obsession is yogurt and berries for breakfast. Found some French-style yogurt ... divine. And it comes in little glass pots ... quel charme! 
  2. Eggs ... because they're thankfully still in abundance. Need to start freezing some for when the girls decide to go on hiatus for the winter.
  3. Leftovers and freezer- or pantry-meals ... gradually cleaning out the pantry/fridge/freezer in preparation for an upcoming freezer-meal-put-together time with friends.

What I'm drinking - 
Coffee. Always coffee. But for the three (main) ways I drink coffee? 

  1. Regular brew
  2. Cold brew (homemade, preferably)
  3. French press (reserved for weekend enjoyment)

What I'm reading - 
  1. Received A Beautiful Work in Progress from Kindle Unlimited? Kindle First? And I was several chapters in before I thought to check out who the author is and she happens to be of fatgirlrunning fame! It's a memoir and I'm not usually a fan of those but it's about running and struggles with health and staying consistent to running and darnitall if I'm now interested in running an ultra of some sort. Not sure I want to try trail running but a 50k is really only 5 miles more than a marathon ... 'only'. 
  2. Had a DNF on Zorba the Greek. Just couldn't get into it but it's simply been shelved for a later date. Still keeping Les Miserables as the ongoing book (I think I read a total of 1 chapter of it last month).
  3. Stocked up on some beach reads for next month. Yay for the Friends of the Library book sales! Support your local library, folks. This is actually numbers 3-8. Keeping it honest here, just keeping it honest.
What I'm running this month - 
Labor Day weekend messed up my training a bit. No biggie since I'm still feeling pretty good about the marathon in November, but now that I'm getting into the long runs ... I have to plan ahead for taking 2-3 hours out of a day to run. What with someone moving out, family coming in for a visit, general holiday weekend activities (Farmers market, library book sale, checking out a new-to-us grocery store) and I didn't get my scheduled 14 mile run in. Again - not stressing (or am I?) but I still have two months to go.

Races this month -- 
  1. A virtual 5k to support my cousin who went through a double mastectomy earlier this year. Join me at this link! Our grandma died of breast cancer so this is now affecting my generation and as per usual ... it's on my freak-out list. Note to all the ladies - get those boobs checked annually. 
  2. Also doing a virtual half with the Sea to Shining Sea run coordinated by Kristy. Join me here too! You can do a virtual 5k, 10k or half and you get a cool medal.
  3. And ending the month with a IRL half - the Indy Women's Half. This will be my second time participating and it has amazing volunteer support and pre-race/post-race swag and goodies. I think registration is still open (hint-hint ... join me!)
All 3 will be incorporated into my marathon training but at least they'll (hopefully) encourage me to stay focused for that amount of mileage. 

What I'm watching - 
  1. The New Girl - Never really watched it and it's now when I just need a quick couple of episodes to get through a rainy day treadmill attack.
  2. Anne with an E - Loved the book and love this series! I've only read the first book though so the rest will be read forthwith.
  3. Me Before You - I was late to the game in reading the book and figured I'd maintain status quo on being late to the game with the movie. I love watching movies made in England though ... seeing Mr. Bates (Downton Abbey) as Lou's dad, or Clara (Doctor Who) as her sister, or Neville Longbottom (HP) as Lou's beau, or Finnick (Hunger Games series) as Will, or ... what really made me chuckle ... seeing Tywin Lannister (GoT) as Will's dad being buddy-buddy with Daenarys (also GoT) as Lou. 

At this time, praying for safety for a friend and her family stationed in St. Croix, USVI. Been texting with her the past couple days but with Hurricane Irma bearing down on them, and then being followed by Jose (currently 'just' a tropical storm) and with two young kids ... I can't even imagine the stress. We were in the mandatory evacuation line with Hurricane Matthew last year ... but we were able to drive off island to safety. They're stuck. Not sure where Irma is headed next but hopefully friends/family in Florida already have their emergency supplies lined up. **Update before posting - they are fine! But some of the sister islands were hit pretty bad. 2017 is looking like a bad (read: active) year for hurricanes. :(

And that's what's new with me. 


  1. Good thoughts for your friend in St. Croix. Devastating for St. Martin and Barbuda. Awful.

    Your yogurt looks fabulous.

  2. Ooh, I want to find that French yogurt! I've been eating Greek yogurt with bananas and granola ever day and I need to switch things up! The hurricanes are no joke this season. I'm glad your friend was ok. I have a bunch of family in Florida and I'm worried!

  3. Hoping your friend in USVI is safe and sound. Irma is an absolute beast.

  4. oooh French-style yogurt? i am intrigued. i went through a phase of eating yogurt, berries & muesli/granola for breakfast. love your coffee mug! I had to laugh at all the people in the Me Before You movie. I definitely made all those connections too!

  5. Yummm yogurt with berries! Add some granola and I'm in heaven. Perfectly sweet but still healthy breakfast. Glad to hear your friend is safe; hope that stays the case!

  6. i wish i could eat dairy because yogurt and berries are so delicious. It's so awful how the hurricanes are wreaking havoc everywhere; I hope your friends are safe


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