Thankful Thursday #6

Gradually figuring things out here but linking up with Rebecca again.
This week's items are of a photographic nature - just to mix things up.

These legit taste so much better than Tagalongs. 
It was NOT a good day when we found these at a downtown bakery. 
I mean, it was good ... but not in a "let's find healthy eats at the farmers' market" kind of day.

Imagine my surprise when I stopped by for a visit with my mama and found her roommate watching the Cubs on TV while drinking a brewski. Her family keeps her well-supplied with good German beers. And I seriously don't consider this place a "nursing home".

I guess when the wiper blade looks like this, it's too late.

New windshield wipers. Because you don't realize what you're missing until you can't see when it's raining. Also thankful that the guys put the new wipers on for me. #shortpeopleproblems

New running shoes. Also thankful for Amazon gift certificates ... these babies were free.

Finding a pair that works so well that I only buy that kind. WAY cheaper than being tempted by the newest model and spending double what I paid for these on Amazon. Pair on the left got me through a couple halfs plus other smaller races along with all the training involved. Pair in the middle got me through some more halfs and other races plus my first full (and all the training). Pair on the right ... opened the box, put them on and did a 12 mile training run. 
I love not having to "break in" a pair of running shoes. 

The girls. Fresh eggs - all the live-long day. 

My "healthified" version blended with coconut oil, cinnamon, and maple syrup. 

(not my photo)

Eclipse Day 2017. 
Of course, at one point, I didn't think my glasses were working so I took them off to find out where the sun was and ended up looking directly at it. 


  1. OK... tell me about your coffee. Do you like that? Do you not put any sweetener in it now? Does it bother your stomach??? Tell me more!!! :)

    I'm jealous... I have a pair of running shoes I loved - got the same pair... & now they are so old I cant find them anywhere. I just want another pair so badly.

  2. Love the pictures of your cute. Those peanut butter cakes look delicious!

    I don't run, but I just signed up to walk a 5K in October. So excited.

  3. A nursing home/assisted living place that lets you have beer? Pretty sweet deal and probably goes a long way towards morale.

    Love the "girls." I can't wait to have some again some day.


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