Thankful Thursday #4

Keeping it simple this week - just wanted to get this posted before I forget! 

Family mealtimes 
Coffee (told you it'd make a frequent appearance on these lists)
Downtime with the kids 
Sunrises during morning runs
Sunsets during walks with the kids and pugs
Fresh eggs
Texts, calls, emails, and IMs from friends near and far
Lotion and lip balm - really.
Cinnamon toast (and the 15 year old who asks me to show him out to make it the way my mom taught me)
Games with the 13 year old (and that even though her phone was blowing up with texts and notifications, she said "it's Mom/Allie time right now")

Many more ... but saving for another week :)


  1. Hey, I love my 'repeats' on my thankful list - usually my bible study gang, youth gang, coffee & books. So I feel ya. Life wouldnt be the same without those things.

  2. I love your list this week. I repeat a lot from week to week also, because those are the things I'm really thankful for.

  3. What great things are on your list! I love fresh eggs (I can't convince some people they taste soooo much better) and a teen who ignores her phone to spend time with you...WOW!!

  4. aw your 13 year old is adorable. i want to squeeze her. and books! always books!


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