Trying to be Thankful - #1

For the past umpteen-many Thursdays, I've read Rebecca's thankful posts and admired her ability to see joy in things that aren't always joy-giving. And in this season of my life, I know I need to keep my focus on what's good and not dwell on what's bad. So ... while I'm not good at consistency (anyone who knows me will attest to that), I'm going to try to participate in Thankful Thursdays. If anything is a repeat - just think of it as me being extra-thankful for that.

coffee - because.

air-conditioning - because I'm a wimp. My parents didn't have central air when I was growing up (they got it a year or two after I moved out) and I know I could go back to living without it ... but I'd really rather not.

technology - because texts, emails, comments on blog posts, etc. from friends I know well or know from online have been so appreciated these past few months. I liked getting them before, but getting them now means even more to me.

church camp - I spent many years as a camper, then as a counselor, and finally one year as a program director at church camp. I loved the friendships made, the activities and games, the songs, ... all of it. My daughter is at camp this week with a cousin and I love seeing photos of her on Facebook - seeing her smile, seeing the activities they're doing, and knowing that she has a love for Christ that current events happening at home have not lessened.

Sorry, not sorry - but this is funny ... and why I've always disliked 'trust falls'

my job - I complain about it on occasion, but there are aspects of every job that someone would surely complain about. It's not a career (though I've been here almost 16 years) and it's definitely not what I had planned to do with my college degrees of German and Journalism ... but there are good people here and they do good things in the communities we serve.

And ending this week's list with the ...

my kids - they are my reason for living right now and everything I am doing is for their benefit and their future. That's what moms do and that will never change.

What are you thankful for?


  1. yahooooo - LOVE you linked up with me today.
    & I am still laughing at the Trust Fall gif. I NEVER do a trust fall. The kids always get on me about it & I'm like "I TRUST NO ONE BUT JESUS & HE'S NOT HERE TO CATCH ME" ;) haha - the truth hurts.
    I remember the days of no central air - the good ole days. I cant even imagine going back to those days. We were made tougher back then ;)
    ... & all I can say, Amen to the coffee!
    Happy Thursday my friend!

  2. Count me in as another one who detests trust falls. Sorry, I just don't have that much faith in my fellow man (or woman and especially not the kids in youth group).

    Amen to air conditioning and I don't drink coffee, but I need my Diet Coke in the morning for the same reasons.

    Have a blessed day!

  3. that last gif is so cute!
    i grew up without central air, my mum still doesn't have it actually. i can handle the cold but i would hate going back to a cold house in the winter. no thanks! lol

  4. So glad you're joining in with Thankful Thursday. I've been doing it awhile, but I'm not always consistent. It's so good to be reminded to be thankful whether for big or little things.

    My husband and my girls totally loved camp. They were like you, went from campers to jr. counselors to counselors and hubby was camp director several times too. It's a wonderful thing.

    Have a blessed day and nice meeting you.

  5. Always coffee & air conditioning - I am not a child of summer!

  6. Came to your blog via Life according to Steph. Coffee I don't need but AC oh please yes! I always forget about Thankful Thursdays I don't update very often on my blog. I sure am glad I came by your blog though.

  7. air conditioning. yes indeed. i spent two years at a women's college in missouri, and at the time our dorms did not have air conditioning. we slept on top of our comforters with the windows opened. i hadn't realized that missouri is as hot and nasty as southeast texas in august and parts of september. but unlike texas, you wake up one morning, and it's freezing cold.

    ain't no shame in being extra grateful for things, lady. i'd say the repetition of gratitude is a good thing, actually, and saying you're grateful, especially if it's for a person or group of people in particular, is an encouragement to that person or group to keep on doing what they're doing because what they're doing is right and good.


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