Training Tuesday (life update, etc.)

OK ... while I missed a weekly update, my training continues. I had to cut myself some slack because I only ran 4 miles instead of the recommended 6 miles on one long-run-Saturday. I so hate this heat. It wasn't even very humid out, so I should be thankful for that. But when I'm dripping sweat and creating my own little cloud of humidity ... it's just not all that much fun.

Yeah, this is my hair. Thank goodness I got it cut so it's much easier to rein in on these summer days.

The runs for most of the other days have been on target though and were completed with minimal complaints (except the heat ... dear Lord, the heat ... ).

I need to put this out there as a result of some comments I've gotten ... whatever you think of as "fast" is not me, nor is it any other person. "Fast" is a relative term -- and really shouldn't be used in comparisons AND you shouldn't be comparing yourself to others anyway. I have never considered myself a runner. Still don't. But what helped me start to enjoy this hobby is the realization that I'm just trying to improve my time based on how I did previously. I'm only competing against myself.

It used to be that when I'd read blogs from other runners, I'd see their times and know in my heart that I could never be that fast. Then I'd start to think ... why even try? And then I get stuck in a downward spiral of comparison.

Want to see some of my training times? Keep in mind that I'm still at the interval setting of run 3 minutes/walk 2 minutes so these times include those walking minutes.

Distance Time min/mi
7.21 mi 1:30 12:29
3.3 mi 40 12:07
3.7 mi 42 11:21

This is not what I consider "fast" ... but I've improved greatly from when I first started almost 5 years ago. 

So ... other updates for those who care to read about the minutiae of my life ... 

Back on the quinoa kick. This is a quick dish that is good for multiple meals for me -- mainly since no one else is willing to try it. I usually make it with tomato sauce but saw the fire-roasted tomatoes and thought it'd add a different flavor. It did, but not as much as I was hoping. Added some salsa and that was better.

House projects gradually getting done. Not sure what we were thinking when we purchased this monstrosity/money pit. Plus, while I'd been juggling basic housecare, kidcare, bill-paying duties, while working full-time -- it led to neglect of basic home maintenance/updates that I just couldn't do on my own and I didn't want to be known as "The Nagging Wife". Funny how it turns out ...

Anyway, not much else to update. School starts this week so I've been spending time with the kiddos.

What's up in your world? 
When does school start in your neck of the woods?


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