Thankful Thursday - #2

This has been a crazy week ... and so many things to be thankful for.

Church camp - picked Allie up from camp on Saturday and it always brings back great memories of going to Camp Tippecanoe as a camper, then a counselor. And also Camp Woody in Alaska ... as a counselor, then program director. The friendships that formed in those short weeks, exchanging addresses and writing letters back and forth, seeing them again the next year, the songs, the games, the chapel times, the getting-closer-to-God times ... all of it. And now, well ... I doubt physical addresses are exchanged anymore, but Allie had loads of names to add to her Snapchat and Instagram and was asking how far it was to various towns so she could make plans to visit new friends.

Car repair - trying to be thankful for this one ... but it cost more than I was expecting and I'm hopeful that it means this car will be good to go for me for at least another 5 years.

Starbucks - thank you for being next door to my car repair place.

Some Peach Green Tea Lemonade as I wait for my car to be finished.

Friends - never underestimate what a random text or phone call or e-mail throughout the day will do.

Essential oils - I'm gradually getting into this essential oils craze and the more I find out about them, the more I like them.  Diffused some cedarwood and lavender last night to help all of us sleep better before the first day of school ... I don't know about the kids but I slept better and they were both up early and in pleasant moods this morning.

School supplies - I will always love shopping for school supplies and I'm glad my daughter shares this love. :)

Long-term care facilities - This is a tough one. I know there are nursing homes out there with horrible reputations. My mental image of a nursing home is based on what I experienced growing up and going to visit relatives in their nursing homes -- everyone in bed all the time, never seeing anyone walking around or happy, the smells ... and this is why we always said we'd never let our parents go into a nursing home. Well, after my dad passed away in 2012 and my mom's dementia started affecting her motor skills, it was too much for my sister to continue home care and we moved Mom to a long-term care facility down here rather than in Indianapolis. This place is amazing and I really am thankful for all they do for the residents. It's not a "nursing home" -- it's more an assisted living facility, but it IS a nursing home. It's just that the residents there are kept active and are happy. There are visitors there all the time, lots of groups coming in to lead games, church services, etc. and it really is the best place for my mama. Plus, it's not too far from me so I can visit regularly. She might not know me or the kids or him anymore (and with what's going on in my life, that is currently a blessing) but to see her laughing and participating in activities makes my heart smile.

Mom claimed she didn't want to play "balloon bop" ... yet she was participating and laughing with everyone. 
So good to see her smiling and alert.

Public schools - thankful to live in an area where my kids get high-quality public school education. Today is the first day of school and whereas both weren't too excited to start this week, this morning had smiles and laughter in the car ride to school. Praying for a good year for both of them.

There are many more for this week but I'll stop here. :)

What are you thankful for?


  1. First, I'm so proud of you joining in again this week!!!
    TOTAL THUMBS UP on the PGTL from Starbucks... always a classic fav.
    & I'm praying that you are right - your car now holds out for a long time.
    Isnt it funny how its not phone numbers but IG/Snap account info exchanged. How the world has changed.
    I've been living on Panaway Essential Oil the past month. The best for aches & pains.
    So good to hear there are good assisted living facilities out there. That so scares me thinking about what the future can hold. & hearing all the horror stories of abuse in homes...I literally get nauseated at the thought.

  2. You really went to a camp called Tippecanoe?? That is the best camp name ever!
    I love essential oils. There are some things they just work so well on.


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