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My Second Virtual Race ... coming up!

This is a guest post (my first!) from Kristy at Runaway Bridal Planner. I'm registered for this and will be incorporating the virtual race in with my marathon training. For the most part, my runs aren't anything more than 'get the mileage in' or 'get the time in'. Using a race for a long run, even if it's a virtual race, will hopefully help me change my mindset for that particular day and see how much I've improved since my last race.

Have you considered a Virtual Race to help you with your fitness motivation?

What are Virtual Races? They are Runners, walkers or hikers who sign up for a distance they want to conquer for their goal. Come race week participants pick a course of their choice, race any day during the race week, and go any pace they'd like. That is the best part, time doesn't have to be scheduled away from other things in life, day or night what is ever best works!
Efforts and completion as in a regula…

Thankful Thursday - #2

This has been a crazy week ... and so many things to be thankful for.

Church camp - picked Allie up from camp on Saturday and it always brings back great memories of going to Camp Tippecanoe as a camper, then a counselor. And also Camp Woody in Alaska ... as a counselor, then program director. The friendships that formed in those short weeks, exchanging addresses and writing letters back and forth, seeing them again the next year, the songs, the games, the chapel times, the getting-closer-to-God times ... all of it. And now, well ... I doubt physical addresses are exchanged anymore, but Allie had loads of names to add to her Snapchat and Instagram and was asking how far it was to various towns so she could make plans to visit new friends.

Car repair - trying to be thankful for this one ... but it cost more than I was expecting and I'm hopeful that it means this car will be good to go for me for at least another 5 years.

Starbucks - thank you for being next door to my car repair pl…

Training Tuesday (life update, etc.)

OK ... while I missed a weekly update, my training continues. I had to cut myself some slack because I only ran 4 miles instead of the recommended 6 miles on one long-run-Saturday. I so hate this heat. It wasn't even very humid out, so I should be thankful for that. But when I'm dripping sweat and creating my own little cloud of humidity ... it's just not all that much fun.

Yeah, this is my hair. Thank goodness I got it cut so it's much easier to rein in on these summer days.
The runs for most of the other days have been on target though and were completed with minimal complaints (except the heat ... dear Lord, the heat ... ).

I need to put this out there as a result of some comments I've gotten ... whatever you think of as "fast" is not me, nor is it any other person. "Fast" is a relative term -- and really shouldn't be used in comparisons AND you shouldn't be comparing yourself to others anyway. I have never considered myself a runner. …

Trying to be Thankful - #1

For the past umpteen-many Thursdays, I've read Rebecca's thankful posts and admired her ability to see joy in things that aren't always joy-giving. And in this season of my life, I know I need to keep my focus on what's good and not dwell on what's bad. So ... while I'm not good at consistency (anyone who knows me will attest to that), I'm going to try to participate in Thankful Thursdays. If anything is a repeat - just think of it as me being extra-thankful for that.

coffee - because.

air-conditioning - because I'm a wimp. My parents didn't have central air when I was growing up (they got it a year or two after I moved out) and I know I could go back to living without it ... but I'd really rather not.

technology - because texts, emails, comments on blog posts, etc. from friends I know well or know from online have been so appreciated these past few months. I liked getting them before, but getting them now means even more to me.

church camp - I …

What's new with you - July update

Linking up with Gretchen at GretchRuns and Kristen at See You in a Porridge this first Thursday of July!

Training -
Moving right along with the marathon training. Currently towards the end of week 3 and it's a little boring. The intervals are still at run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes and I find myself running a bit longer after the timer goes off to start walking ... and then re-starting running before the timer goes off to run again. But I've also noticed that my speed has increased, without me really trying to go faster. I think I'm going to have to look into joining a running group that will have dedicated speed sessions. Otherwise, I won't know what's the best way to go about that. I also know I need to do cross-training (something I hate) to get stronger ... which will also help on the speed. Too much to think about when I just want to forget about everything. And for those in on my Netflix woes, I'm watching Gilmore Girls now during any treadmill runs. I'…