Training and stuff - week 1 done

I was NOT looking forward to starting running again. Not at all. Totally lost any motivation with the separation. But ... apparently it's my "thing" because everyone seemed to be concerned with me needing to run.

"How are you doing? Are you still running?"

"I just can't believe it. Have you been able to keep running at least?"


So in following the Marathoning for Mortals plan, Day 1 was Monday and I did finally finish it that evening. At least the runs during the week are based on times, not distance. It's been crazy hot/humid and I hate both types of weather ... so yes, I did the 3 1/2 runs during the week on the treadmill. No big deal since I'm also watching The Crown on Netflix and it was a chance to get most of an episode in during each run.

Monday - run 3 min/walk 2 min 7x for 35 minutes, with a 5 minute warmup walk and end with a 5 minute cooldown.

Tuesday - was supposed to have been the same but I had gone out on the river with some friends on their boat and we didn't get back until late, and then didn't leave their house until nearly 1 a.m. ... so no run, and the dogs ended up having their supper at 1 a.m. and then their breakfast at 6 a.m.

The evening was near-perfect. First time for me on the Ohio River.

Wednesday - was supposed to have been a cross-train day but I did the run 3/walk 2 that was scheduled for Tuesday. And went with my favorite daughter to The Glass Gypsy - a local artsy place where you create your own mosaic, made of broken glass pieces, beads, etc. Very fun and I'm pretty sure she had a good time too.

Masterpieces in progress ... I went back a few days later after they had covered it in resin.

Thursday - same, run 3/walk 2 7x (still watching The Crown) and finished the evening playing games with Allie. After work, I had to meet with M. and the attorney he picked out to be our joint lawyer in this unblessed event. And yes, don't worry - I'm well aware that one attorney can't represent both sides.

Friday - rest day -- need it too. Not from running, but just from crappity crap. Best part of the day though was Bring Your Dog to Work Day ... and my co-worker, Frannie. 

A good representation of work-life. First photo is at the beginning and she's all excited. 
Second photo is after lunch and she's ready for early retirement.

Saturday - was supposed to have been a 5 mile run at run 3/walk 2 intervals. Allie and I ended up going to the Farmer's Market and walking around downtown. By the time we got back from errand running, I knew it was too warm for me outside and I didn't want to do the treadmill AGAIN so I delayed it. Also, my brother, his wife, and my sister came down for a quick visit.

Sunday - would have been a rest day but as I am taking a break from church due to nosy snoops and gossip-mongers, I was able to get a run in outside. Only completed 3 miles outside before I realized that I was woefully unprepared -- supper the night before consisted of only a strawberry shortcake from Zestos. Breakfast that morning was non-existent and I still hadn't had any coffee for a burst of energy. I ended up leaving after 3 miles to go home, eat something and then finished up on the treadmill. 

And so ends week 1 of marathon #2 training.

And I have to say that while I was dreading the running, I also enjoyed the running. I can't say I missed it, because I didn't ... and it's going to be difficult to get all the scheduled runs and workouts in while trying to figure out a new life/schedule as a single parent. But I think I have a good support system -- just have to figure out who I can trust again.

Suggestions for cross-training? 
Have you gotten back to something after taking a break and was it better/worse than you remembered?
Suggestions for mom/son activities with a teenage boy who is on self-imposed exile in the basement?


  1. i watched a few episodes of the crown and LOVED them. that's richard harris' son playing the king. he's amazing.


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