What's New - December edition

Procrastination is still a top priority and I'm excelling, so there's that. I have a race recap to do and hope to get to before the week's end -- if only for my own benefit in keeping track of what I'm doing.

Just all day? More like all week, month, year ... 

December is here and that's just mind-blowing. I mean, don't blink!

So here's what's new with me, or rather what's on my mind ... (linking up with Kristen at See You in a Porridge)

Birthday - Another year down and I'm still alive. That's good! I must say that 44 was a bad year for me and I sincerely hope that 45 is kinder and gentler.

Yep - this is what the entire year felt like.

November mileage - well, I ran my first marathon (yay!) and did one treadmill trudge a couple weeks later and then a five mile race on Thanksgiving morning ... so I broke 30 miles in November, but barely. We're signing up for a race on New Year's Day to start 2017 off right. Hopefully the weather will be kind to me. If you're looking for something to do, it's the Hangover Classic and has a 5 mile or 10 mile option.

Yeah, so I looked up "winter running" and found "pugs on a sled" instead. Sorry, not sorry.

Job - found out in November that the best boss ever is leaving us. Her husband is being transferred to the US Virgin Islands for 3 years. In this day and age, why we can't figure out how to telecommute with her job (well, mine too, for that matter) I'll never understand. But even then, after the 3 years, they're moving back home to Kansas so it's not like she'll be coming back here. Now there's a bunch of unknowns - who will take her place? will they be as awesome? will they be easy to train? will they bring in their own staff and kick us out? is anyone else hiring so I can have a backup in case that happens?

Great ... 

House - still hate it and get anxiety attacks when I think of all the stuff that needs to be done before we can even think of selling it. We've been in it 13 years and bought it for what we thought our future would be rather than our then-current situation. Of course, our future plans didn't work out and now it's far too big for the four of us and is literally falling down around us so that the to-do list is longer than ever and time options are shorter than ever and everything costs money and and and  .... and there's another anxiety attack coming on.

I so love this movie, but haven't been able to watch it as it feels like real life now. #themoneypit

Books - I'm embarrassed. I checked Goodreads and still hadn't read anything since being on vacation the first week of October. I've pretty much given up on my Reading Challenge for the year ... unless I pick up some picture books to finish up the goal. I have started so many books since then but just never got into them enough to want to keep reading past the 1st chapter, if that long. THEN, I came to the conclusion that I hadn't been sleeping well because instead of reading before bed, I'd just play on my phone (Facebook, mind-numbing games, e-mail, etc.). Decided that needs to change so I'm back to reading and it feels good to go to sleep now and wake up fairly rested (still not sleeping enough but it's better than before).

Yeah, don't worry ... I'm on it!

Photos - I need to take more photos. Of the kids, of life, of anything. But closing out this post with photos from the month ...

I'm in the yellow and pushing toward the finish line of my first marathon! #BeMonumental

We had a Bring Your Dog To Work day and Frannie joined me. I love this girl! Spade would not have done well in an office setting ... 

This is what it takes to keep 2 pugs, 2 cats, and 15 chickens going ... #urbanfarming

This will also be on the race recap, if I get around to it. Fast Freddie's Five Miler on Thanksgiving morning and our traditional pre-race selfie. 

Went with these two to Adrienne's to get donuts while we were tooling around downtown New Albany for #SmallBusinessSaturday.

Gingerbread houses! 

And closing out with last night's photo - met up with Gena and her mom. High school friend who is a serious traveler -- she currently lives in Australia but was visiting the states for the holidays. She's been to something like 80 countries in the past 25 years. I'm a bit envious ... 


  1. It's always sad when people you really love leave your work. I hope the new boss is super awesome!

    Aw, bring your dog to work day? I've never heard of that! How fun. I couldn't bring my dog, but seeing other dogs would be wonderful.


  2. high five for procrastination over here as well. i'm sorry 44 wasn't that great, here's to 45! i'm sorry your boss is leaving. that is so sad. i am jealous of your bring your dog to work day.. not that i could actually bring my cats to work, that would straight up not work. hahaha. you never know about your house, we didn't end up fixing anything we thought we would have to. you never know? unless you do know, of course.

  3. Happy belated birthday! Here's hoping for a good year ahead :)

    A New Year's Day race sounds awesome; I try to start the year off on a good, active foot too. Nothing like a finish line to help accomplish that!


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