Training Tuesday - mid-month recap

Well, let's check out this view of my RunKeeper, as of Sunday (May 15) ...

Check out that big goose egg for the number of miles I've completed by running this month. We are 16 days after the KDF Half and I've done diddly. Zilch. I've walked the bridge several times and walked the dogs multiple times ... but running? Nope. 

I decided that after a weekend of getting mostly caught up on housework, it was time to run. Of course it would be cool and rainy ... so to the gym we went and I did a slow 3 miles. Point is, I got back to it. And I didn't die ... so that's good too.

I'm sure this was originally referring to the Civil Rights Movement. 
I love how we can turn any quote into an inspirational meme though ... 

It's funny how perceptions of ourselves change ... when we first joined the YMCA, I'd go up to the 3rd floor and stay on a bike or elliptical since I didn't know how the treadmills worked. Then I'd only stay on those machines until perspiration made an appearance -- didn't want to sweat, you see? I figured that was "just enough" to be considered a workout. This was 2-3 years before I started running though. And now? Yeah, I sweat/glisten/glow/drip ... whatever.

It's not this bad ... 

So with all this, I KNEW I'd end up taking time off after a race I had been training for -- my miles from last May? Same. So this is one of the reasons why I need a race on my schedule. It's just so easy for me to hang up the running shoes when I don't have a reason to run. 


  1. I think its totally OK to give yourself a break though after a big training period & race... you'll be back into soon enough. But I totally get the need for a goal to get you moving.

  2. haha i remember when i started working out as well, i didn't want to sweat. now i drip so much i have to wipe the bottom of the machine when i'm done. oops. but yay for getting back out there! i have only run 3 or 4 times i think after the half. but going for another today, yay! trying to keep the momentum (lol what momentum) going so that it's easier to train for my next half marathons.


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