Training Tuesday -- Looking Ahead

Is this still considered "Training Tuesday" if I'm not currently in training? I thought it'd be a good time to look ahead now that the KDF half is over and I'm resting up for the next training cycle to start.

I'm reading Marathoning for Mortals -- I'm not quite done with it but it's been a great resource so far. One of the things I checked is if it gave suggestions for what to do after a race ... and it does! Previously, I'd finish a race and pretty much not do anything until it was time to start training for another one. Apparently, that's not the thing to do ... after a day or two of rest, I'll be getting back out there to run again. And this makes me happy. Weird.

Shoes -- this is the first time my feet have hurt after a race. It was like the balls of my feet were bruised and I don't know if it was a result of the race or the fact that I got home and put on Old Navy flip-flops (zero arch support) for the rest of the day or my shoes were just at the end of their lifecycle. And then with the auction on Sunday and up and down and standing on a concrete floor ... Sunday night, I could barely walk. Monday was better but I definitely need to get a pair of replacement shoes. Pacers and Racers, I'm coming for you! I'm a Saucony gal -- that's what P&R put me in when I first started doing this running thing and I've loved every pair since. Due to budget constraints, I can't do more than one pair of running shoes at a time -- so my current pair will be retired to become my walking shoes.

Current situation with what I wear to walk the bridge each day. In their previous life, these shoes carried me through not one but two half-marathons, plus training and several smaller races. They are looking forward to becoming yard shoes while the current running shoes take their place. 

Actual training -- I'm determined to do more than just run this time. Matt has his footy (Aussie Rules) and rock-climbing to go with his running. I have running ... and running. Looking for yoga, weight training, anything. It will happen. I hope.

Nutrition -- well, this being spring and then summer behind it, I'm hopeful that we will get a garden planted this year and have a bountiful harvest of more than just tomatoes. We are also going to be hitting up the New Albany Farmers Market at least twice a month. And of course, our girls keep us well-supplied with eggs ...

This is our newest girl - Top Hat (we didn't name her)

Upcoming races --
  • May - no races scheduled
  • June 4 is a 10k at Hubers ... because I like to pack a year's worth of hill-training into one single race.
  • July 4 is a 5k through downtown. Matt and I had decided last year not to pay for any more 5k runs, UNLESS the kids wanted to do one. This one is tentative because Allie will say she wants to do it and then changes her mind the next day. There's no early registration discount so we can sign up that morning if we end up doing it. 
  • August -- nothing scheduled ... yet
  • September 17 is the Indianapolis Women's Half. I think I'm going to do this one since it kind of goes along with my marathon training schedule for that week.
  • October -- nothing scheduled but vacation! And we always get lots of running, bike-riding, and walks in that week away.
  • November 5 -- my first marathon at the Indianapolis Monumental! I'm sure people will get SICK of hearing about it ... and I don't care. 
  • November 24 -- Fast Freddie's Five-mile Foot Feast (Thanksgiving morning) -- this has been an annual tradition for us, even if we host the Thanksgiving noon-meal at our house. Teamwork gets the food on the table. And that we do almost all the cleaning and pre-cooking the night before.
  • December -- nothing scheduled yet

Registration is already open for the 2017 Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon ... so I'll be sending in our registrations for that pronto. Most likely sticking with the half for both of us.

And that's what's happening ...


  1. Yep - take your shoes with you so they can see how you hit on them.

    Good for you having races ahead. I so starting to hunt for races ahead.
    I so badly wanted to run yesterday but the stupid blisters wouldnt let me... but I actually am excited to get back to running soon.

  2. that race at hubers sounds intense lol.
    my feet hurt as well, but i think it's because i stepped in puddles and gave myself blisters. yay for so many races to look forward to, including a marathon! i have 3 half marathons within 4 weeks in october/november, that should be interesting.

  3. My old running shoes also become my walking shoes or spinning shoes. One pair at a time is all I buy!
    I've never read that book. Maybe I need to, and it'll make me want to run another full someday. The Indy monumental is perfect for your first full!


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