Race sign-ups and miscellaneous weekend update

So ... I have good intentions. I really do. Meanwhile, I'm slowly turning back into a slug. THIS is why I need a race on my schedule -- otherwise, I do nothing but eat all the things.

This is also the week where so many races seem to have their deadline for cheap registrations. And since my new goal is to run 50 half-marathons before I turn 50 (4 halfs down and 5 1/2 years to go), might as well get signed up for them! I've mentioned before how frugal I try to be, even if said frugalness puts us further into debt because I MUST sign up now when it's cheap, rather than wait till we have funds allocated in the budget. Ugh ... but I am excited that I have registrations for two halfs already completed. Unfortunately, they'll be a week apart.

First up is the KDF Half again (low registration fee through May 14th, I think). Some crazy thought passed through my head about signing up for the full instead of the half. I squished that thought in a heartbeat.

Then one week after the KDF half ...

And just through May 11, registration is at the cheapest for the largest half-marathon in the ENTIRE country! (So 'they' say but I haven't had time to verify). Even though it's a hometown race for me, I've never run this one. I'm really excited about running on the same track they race the Indianapolis 500 on -- all 2 1/2 miles of it. And since it's a week after the KDF half, I plan on enjoying myself on this one. I either need to get a cheap digital camera to run with or get a better phone case that I can run with and also take pictures with without having to take my phone out of the running/arm band case. If you're interested: Indy Mini sign-up They do sell-out each year so I knew I didn't want to wait to get this registration in ... and it was "cheap", so there you go.

Still debating on signing up for the Barnyard Dash 10K up at Hubers -- but I might still go ahead and do that one. And I have until the end of May to sign up for the Indianapolis Women's Half that's in September (well, for the current cheap rate at least) -- Indy Women's Half

I did fully plan on running this weekend. Saturday morning wasn't going to happen since Will had a friend sleep over for his birthday and I had to make monkey bread and they didn't eat it all so I had to eat some ... and then eat some more. But it was OK because we were going to go to the Y that evening and/or run in the evening. But then it's Derby Day and tradition holds that we have our garden done by then. Matt got the tiller out and got the garden ready. A trip to Lowe's and 80 bucks later, we have plants and seeds ... but my mom and sister had just gotten in for Mother's Day so ... and it was going to rain/storm later and I didn't want the plants to get damaged ... so no planting and no running. But I was going to get up early on Sunday and run ... but nope. And then the afternoon was filled with finally planting everything ... plenty of activity but no running. And now I feel like a slug.

Future home of broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, strawberries, and sunflowers ... 

But I got to spend some time with my mom (though she didn't remember it when I called her this morning -- it is what it is and it sucks). And Will and Allie (with Matt's help) gave me a basket of things they knew I'd like. And it was a good weekend for the most part.

Happy Monday!


  1. You already registered for next year? You ROCK! I always tend to register before prices go up at year end.
    I'm intrigued about the women's half in Indy in September. hmmmmm....
    So you have your garden by Derby Day - you must live by our old Fred Wiche's rules too :) We dont plant any flowers till Derby Day because of him - haha ... do you remember Fred Wiche?
    I'm going to be jealous of your garden. Lots of YUMMIES!

  2. i registered for 2 races last week and it was a hit to the bank account for sure, but they were going to go up.. so i'm with you. i'm trying to be frugal but it probably hurts more because we didn't necessarily have the funds allocated. eh. i'll see you at the derby race next year lol! and 50 half marathons?! you go girl!


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