Training Tuesday - because, why not?

This is the month of my next half -- 25 days away ... and I'm already nervous. What's up with that? I guess because I'm so determined to beat last year's time.

Still getting my KDF training runs in -- not exactly on the days I'm supposed to but still getting the full mileage in. Saturday was windy out the wazoo around here and there was no way I was going to venture out there and get blown off course. Sunday wasn't much better so we went to the Y and I did my 9 miles ... on. the. treadmill. All 9 of them.

Sweet cracker sandwich ... that wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be but I'm not sure I want to do all my long runs on a treadmill. Plus, as nice as it was outside (even windy) and only maybe 4 treadmills were being used, some lady chooses the one RIGHT next to me to get her stroll in while checking Facebook for an hour. I mean, it made me feel like I was going super-fast but when I was getting tired and wanted to walk, it didn't motivate me to keep running. Also didn't help that AMC was running a Walking Dead marathon so I got to watch a couple episodes in the current season that won't be on Netflix until October. No worries -- Facebook spoilers already told me about Sam and Jessie (boo!) and then Carl's boo-boo (yikes!).

Sorry - found a pug and had to use it. 
I think it's moving faster than the lady next to me was though ...

Facebook "on this day" memories have been fun to look at -- this one came up over the weekend. I still have the scars ...

A sweet blogger gal (found here) reminded me of tapering ... but my training schedule must be different from hers because I still have 9 miles to do this weekend, 12 the following weekend, and then it goes down. As much stuff as we try to pack in on the weekends, I was looking forward to tapering ... but I guess I'll try to stick with the training schedule as much as I can.

A friend from way-back-when invited Matt and I to join her and her husband in running the Carmel Half Marathon with them which would fit right in with my schedule. The thing is -- her husband is one of the elite runners who also brings a book to leave at the check-in so he has something to do while he waits for his lovely wife and friends to finish. She is a run-the-whole-race runner so I feel bad when she stops to walk with me since it slows her down. Plus, Matt's not interested in spending the night at my mom's house (a double bed, when he's 6'2" tall and used to a queen bed) and getting up at 5:30 to get to the race on time. And I'm cheap frugal so I take issue with paying $70 each for a free t-shirt and banana. This will be one to remember for next year though and sign up when registration is a bit cheaper.

And this also came in the mail this weekend that was already recommended by the same sweet blogger gal ...

I'm reading it now to prepare for when my marathon training starts. I'm the type who is already planning to register for next year's marathon (yes, November 2017) when I haven't done this one yet -- because I want to beat my goal. And the medals will even out (two red for the two halfs and two blue for the two fulls). But I also don't believe in "sandbagging" my time this year -- I want to complete training and give it my all ... and then improve on that the next year. It just seems like sandbagging is a way of lying to myself and I don't wanna do that. :)

So that's what's going on in my training thus far ... Oh - and still walking 3 or 4 miles each day at lunch, but I don't think that counts as training. That's more like gotta-get-out-of-the-office-for-my-sanity breaks. Doesn't everyone take those?


  1. YIPPEEE - you got that book. You'll love it. Mine is basically falling apart where I go to it for every training round! I cant wait to hear what you think about it.

    Oh mercy - long runs on the treadmill is a bit of torture. I can handle up to 6 miles - more than that & I'm beating my head on the digital display telling me I still have FOREVVEEERRRRRR to go!

    Your training takes you up to 12 miles? That's interesting to me - I've never seen a HM training plan that goes over 10 miles. That's probably why you'll ZOOM past me on the race :)

  2. oh good job on the treadmill long run. i can barely do more than 3, i get so bored. that pug is running faster than me though so maybe i was the lady next to you haha. i am not looking forward to the mini, i am 0% prepared. like less than 0.

  3. Great job on your 9 mile tm run! I have also face planted on a tm before. It tore my knees to shreds though, because I was stuck between the wall and the belt, that kept on going. Not fun!!
    I'm doing the Carmel half! Do it with me!!


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