Musings on a Monday

I've come to the conclusion that I do considerably more in the first two hours I'm awake and still at home than I do in the rest of the day -- at least during the workweek. Why is that? I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee but I rush around like I'm on the 2nd pot of the day.

Coffee brings determination to do all the things!

Morning commutes would be much better if drivers would let other cars merge into their lane AND if those asking to merge didn't just push their way in. Makes the drive much nicer when I'm not shooting poopy-looks at the driver in front of me who refused to let me in.

I am NOT advocating guns but if someone did this, I'd let them merge, no problems here!

Marathon Monday! Live-streaming at work is a thing. Makes me dream that I could one day qualify for Boston (that'll be at age 80 at the pace I'm currently running).

Came across a post on FB about either how to keep employees or how to run them off. Whichever, the part that spoke to me most was to continue to challenge your employees on an intellectual level. I'm not getting that here and it's a big source of my discontent. It's a good job and I still have 20 years to go before retirement ... but I can't imagine being here that much longer though. Ugh ... kind of makes me wish I were part of the millenial-job force that changes jobs every year or so. I can't handle that much change and that frequently. Generation X, for the win!

I know, Dwight. I know.

Found out that I've hit my limit on treadmills. Had to do 12 miles this weekend and Saturday was chock-full of busy-ness. Sunday was much the same but since Matt was going to the Y to climb, I figured I'd tag along and get my 12 miles done in the A/C and watching TV. Since the machines have a 'safety' feature that cuts off after 60 minutes, I did the first hour with no problems -- but my foot started hurting again at the start of the 2nd hour ... so I only got 6 miles in and then did a 2 1/2 mile walk outside along the riverfront. I'm OK with it though. I'll get the rest of my runs in outside and hopefully be ready for the half next weekend. (NEXT weekend!?!)

We've gone more than a year without a car payment but I think it's going to change soon -- hopefully not till next year though.

So much for building up savings ... 

Allergies -- I'm thankful that mine aren't bad. I never had to deal with them until I moved to this area and they're only a minor annoyance. Seeing how other people are suffering though -- I think I'd go through the allergy shots just so I don't have the drug-induced haze every year.

Sweaty clothes at work -- let's just say, it's a good thing I have my own office and access to the A/C thermostat AND that very few ever have a need to come to my office anyway ... because warm weather doesn't stop my from getting my 3.5 mile walk in at lunch. Maybe that's why no one comes to my office ... ??

Have a good week!


  1. I have no doubt you'll be ready for the half! I don't think I'll ever qualify for Boston, even in my 80's. I would love to go volunteer sometime though.

  2. next weekend!!!! i am super not ready haha.
    i hate lanes that merge. i go home on hurstbourne and right before 64 (i think, i forget all the names) people shoot up the left and then try and push back in and it drives me bonkers, every damn day it's the same thing, it causes traffic jams and i let some people in but when i can tell people are being jerks and just shooting up and trying to push in, i pretend not to see them. yeah that makes me a jerk as well, but they are the reason for the traffic! ahhhh so much road rage. it drives me bonkers.


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