2016 - list of races to do

The new year is almost here and I thought I'd get my list of races on here. I'm a solo runner now (Matt and his freakishly long legs are too fast for me now) so this is all on me to stick with it and not give up. Who are we kidding ... I'll give up ... but the point is, I hope I will get back on the bandwagon and keep trying even after I get frustrated or not be able to get out and run. There's only so much of the treadmill I can handle ...

January - no race scheduled. With the crazy weather we've been having, no telling what it'll be like outside anyway!

February - trying a new race this year up in Indianapolis on the 27th. It's a 4 or 8 mile run/walk benefiting the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and it's only the 2nd year for it. Matt and I are signed up for the 8 mile. Starts at the City Market downtown -- hope it's fun! We opted to do this one instead of the 1st leg of the Triple Crown. Reason? $25 for a 5k with thousands of runners vs. $25 for more than double the distance and hopefully not nearly as many runners. No contest.

March - 2nd and 3rd legs of the Triple Crown (10k and 10 miles) - only goal for me is to get a PR in both. I was faster on the 10k in 2015 compared to 2014 ... but bombed the 10 miler in 2015 compared to the prior year. Not sure what happened but it won't happen again. Just hoping to PR. Oh ... AND get over to Iroquois Mountain before the 10-miler and practice running up that beast.

April - KDF Half-Marathon! Again, just looking for a PR. Question - is a PR based on the distance or the race itself? This race has more hills and people than the Indianapolis Monumental, plus it was raining last year AND I was battling bronchitis. If I want a PR, do I aim to beat my KDF-half time from 2015? or my Indpls Monumental time -- which was my fastest half time thus far?

May - no race scheduled but I'd like to get back to running the Fast Freddie's 5 mile loop on Memorial Day weekend. That was a Memorial Day and Labor Day tradition for Matt and me that we didn't do at all last year.

June - Will probably sign up for the Barnyard Dash at Huber's again. 10k and crazy hilly. Only goal would be to beat my time.

July - Independence Day 5k again? possibly! Also will be the month I officially start MARATHON TRAINING!

August - no race scheduled. Odds are, it'll be too stinking hot anyway! Would love to find a race that starts after dark or before sun-up. I don't do well with heat.

September - Fast Freddie practice loop again on Labor Day. Also, a 10k at my high school in Indianapolis and goal would be to beat my time from 2014. But again, need to find out if a quest for a PR is to beat the time from that race or to beat my 10k time for all races. There is also a half-marathon in Indianapolis for women only. I checked the marathon training schedule and I would need to run 16 miles on that particular day anyway ... very tempted to sign up for the Indy Womens' Half.

October - no race scheduled. Last October, we were able to find a 10k race going on while we were on vacation. Actually, it was the last day of vacation but we were able to con ask nicely if we could return to the condo and shower before hitting the road, the condo owners allowed it. Besides, Bob was running it too and we ended up getting out of the condo before they came back from their vacation home. Hoping we can find another race while in Hilton Head in 2016, but if not, marathon training will be continuing.

November - Marathon!! main goal is to finish strong and uninjured. Also, Fast Freddie's 5 miler on Thanksgiving Day. Definitely going to be ordering a shirt for everyone in the family. Only the names of the top 500 finishers make it to the next year's shirt and Matt is going to be on there!

December - no race scheduled at this time

5k - 1
5 mile - 1
10k - 3
8 mile - 1
10 mile - 1
Half - 2
Full - 1

Always looking for more races to do but I also want to be a spectator at some races. I know how much they motivate me to continue so I'd like to be able to do the same for other runners. 2016 is looking good! Hope to be able hit my RunKeeper goal of running 500 miles -- didn't make it in 2015 so I'm keeping the same number to strive for next year.

Doable? Suggestions?


  1. yay races!! i have run the 10 miler twice and bombed both times. that hill! i definitely need to train in Iroquois park beforehand but i say that every year... good luck with all your races!

    1. Thanks! It was your list of races that inspired me to write down my 2016 race goals. :) (Haven't figured out how to send a reply via e-mail so not sure if you'll see this)

    2. I did see it! haha. you should get an email every time someone comments and then you just respond to that email, if that makes sense. or you can do this haha whatever you want!

    3. Yep, no e-mail. Total newbie to the blogging world, right here. Oh well :)

  2. Awesome races you have coming up! I haven't signed up for the KDF yet. Still thinking about doing it again though, it was great. I definitely want to be a spectator at some races too. It is very motivating!

    1. I sometimes wonder what's going through the minds of the spectators -- are they waiting for someone in particular? Are they just curious? Are we, as runners, possibly motivating them to be active? :) Hope you decide to register for the KDF! And I definitely hope for no rain or bronchitis for me this time around!!


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