Barnyard Dash 10k in the rain

So ... since the Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon on April 25, I've run a total of 19 miles. That's less than 10 miles per month. And I found out the hard way that having a race on the calendar is about the only thing that will keep me motivated to get out there and run. 

In checking the site's race calendar, I found the Barnyard Dash that would be up in Starlight. It's not flat country up there but it's a race and is reasonably priced ($20 for the 10k run or 5k walk and comes with a tech t-shirt). And Matt agreed once again to run with me. Sucker. 

So here's the morning photo on the drive to Starlight ... 

Thank you to Tropical Storm Bill for the rain ... no, really. Because if it hadn't been raining, it would have been humid and hot and full of misery. As it was, it was a rainy race and partially full of misery due to the hills and not knowing where the water stops were going to be. And of course, not being prepared. At all. 

It was actually a pretty fun race. Not crowded and saw several familiar faces. The race itself was a fundraiser for the Crusade for Children, so I don't feel bad for dodging all the road blocks collecting money during the telethon. What with participating in the Triple Crown of Running and this race, I've given this year. 

Ok so Starlight, not a flat course and Hill Road is not a misnomer. But we finished and I can say that I'll probably add this to our/my annual race calendar. Didn't get a PR but with an approximate finish time of 1:16, I did way better than I thought I would, given the lack of training and the hills. And I learned that we need to stick around for the door prizes -- my name was called for a $50 cash prize but I had to be there to get it. :(  But we were on our way to make the final payment on the car (done!), stop by Pacers and Racers for Matt's new shoes they had ordered, and then to K├Âlkin Coffee for our regular Saturday stop. It's been a good day!

Next up is a 5k on Independence Day and I'm on the lookout for a local race in August. It'll probably need to start at 6 a.m. to beat the heat -- or I might look into one of those Virtual Runs. 


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