Rodes City 10k run - done!

Packet pickup - smooth sailing until I get my number. I mean, really??


I mean - what to do? Answer: this ...

The 1/2 was because I'm training (somewhat) for the Kentucky Derby Festival half marathon ... But still. Just didn't want that number hanging over my head or tied to me. It's not like anyone could even see the number. It was pretty cool that morning so I wore my jacket for the start of the race and tied around my waist/over the number when I got too warm. 

Thoughts on this race .. 
Better prepared this year but I think they changed the course just a little - have to check to verify. 

I highly recommend men and women ask friends to do a gear check with them before a race. Am I wearing too many items? Do the running tights work for me or against me? Examples: I was behind one woman whose rights were just "busy" and they were holding in some jiggly legs -- absolutely nothing wrong there and I applaud her for running! But it was like her legs were some psychedelic movement - it encouraged me to run past her so I wouldn't see the weird movement. You had to see it. Then another lady was wearing light grey that showed their absorbent nature -- two words ... bum sweat. Again, motivation to run faster to pass her. The guys didn't fare better but it made me thankful for my black running capris/tights. 

On spotting a dead squirrel in the road -- wow, those elite runners sure are fast! Roadkill in a race, who'd a thunk it?

Matt and I ran together for most of this one so that was nice. With his freakishly long legs, he runs faster than I do but with my run/walk/interval thing, I end up catching up with him after a bit and then pass him up. I'm not trying to, I just do. :)

Ended this one with a PR from last year. Finished in 1:07:58 this year compared to 1:09:52 in 2014. I'll take it!


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