So about 2 years ago ... maybe 3? ... I joined GymPACT which essentially pays me to work out. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme, by any means. I think the average payout was about 20 cents each time I went to the Y or worked out at home that I said I would (at least 3x/week but no more than once per day). I don't even know if the 20 cents (rough estimate) was what was motivating me as much as the threat of losing money if I didn't exercise ... to the tune of $5 each time.

It used to be that you had to have a smartphone to participate in PACT but with all the activity trackers, non-smartphone users can participate now. Plus, they've added two new pacts to participate in -- food tracking and fruits/vegetables. The food tracking is done on MyFitnessPal (also no need for a smartphone) and the fruits/veggies are tracked by photos uploaded through the app (so yes, smartphone needed). The reason for these pacts are to learn how to track your food choices and increase the number of healthy fruits and vegetables each week -- meaning, no french fries. The food log counts if you've tracked at least 3 meals in a day and have a minimum of 1200 calories tallied -- they don't want people starving themselves and it's so you track and get credit for the whole day. The fruits/veggies are tricky ... because the uploaded photos are then voted on by members of the PACT community on whether they are healthy or not, a full serving, actually being eaten and are not a photo of a computer screen (you'd be surprised how many people try to pull that one).

I never tried to max out all the pacts (7 workouts, 7 food logs, and 35 fruits/veggies - only 5 per day - each week) but I came close many times and would end up with around $4 a week. The money then stayed in my account until I was ready to cash out into PayPal. Again, I haven't gotten rich with this but it's definitely a way to stay motivated by not losing money. -- check it out.

So ... after all this time, I've only missed a weekly pact twice. The first time was a burnout from vacation and just didn't get moving each day as I thought I would. The second time -- last week. And considering the weather has been gorgeous, to find out that there was a day I didn't go for a walk at lunch (need to track at least 30 minutes of exercise or 10,000 steps on an activity tracker to count) ... I was perturbed. Very. And am now determined not to let that happen again. I stopped the food log and fruit/veggie pacts just because I was getting tired of tracking my food and taking pictures every time I ate something ... but seriously, not even hitting 10,000 steps on my FitBit 3 days last week?? (only have 5 days set for my pact) ... yep, perturbed.


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