Kentucky Derby Festival Half-Marathon

Well ... first race done in the rain! And with a cold-bordering on bronchitis! And a PR! Boo-ya!

I was worried about this one. Now that it's over, I'm not sure why because it was a really good course and well-organized. I think it was because of the rain and my cold and not completing the training as much as I had planned. But we survived and both of us ended with a PR!

Thoughts on this one --
I liked the corrals. We started in D corral -- I guess they assign corrals based on what time we put down when we registered. Which is funny because we totally had to guess on our finish time since we registered for this race the night before we ran our first half-marathon in Indianapolis. Their expo had a discount code for the KDF race which expired on Oct. 31 (that night) so we registered and guessed at a finish time. I *think* I put 2:30 as our estimated finish time but I could be wrong. The thing is, we were passing walkers who had bibs labelled with the H and G corrals and this was at the beginning of the race. Look, people ... if they put you in a corral, get there. Don't start the race with the As or Bs or whatever ... which is where they had to have started by the time we got around to passing them.

Saw my first barefoot runner. Ouch.

Lots of tutus - cute but not sure that's for me.

So very glad I wore a baseball cap. It started misting after the start of the race but I never really noticed the rain until the last 2 or 3 miles. By then, it was coming down pretty hard and having to swerve around the puddles was probably adding to my mileage (but also adding to my time). And yo - free advertising for Adams Auction Services.

Running through Churchill Downs wasn't as exciting for me as it was for everyone around me. Selfies everywhere at the entrance and then once inside with the Twin Spires (apparently, those must be capitalized). And it smelled of horse poo. Matt was ahead of me at this point but I realized how nice it would have been to run with someone ... especially when I look up at the backstretch and see horses running their practice drills/sprints/whatnot ... and I immediately point and say 'ooh, look!' ... and no one is around me. Yep ...

In reading the route for this race, I thought we were going to have to go on the killer overpass that is at the end of the Papa John's 10-miler. Thankfully ... no. We turned onto 3rd Street to head back downtown right at that corner.

Once back on 3rd Street, I caught back up with Matt and ran with him for most of that stretch. I'm not sure what happened because at one point once we were getting close to downtown, I kept running and he wasn't there any more. I think his calf was cramping at that point. Bananas, man. Eat a banana.

And finishing? Not sure why I do this but at each race, I'm saving some energy for the finale and end up sprinting (as much as my stumpy legs will allow me to sprint) across the finish line.

PR time? 2:34:44 -- about 2 minutes faster than the Indianapolis Monumental official time.

Ultimate half goal? to finish in less than 2:30 and then sign up for a marathon ...


  1. Awesome job girl!! That rain was pretty crazy, wasn't it?!
    I always, always sprint at the end. I don't know why! I guess I feel like I have to or something.
    So, why do you have to do a half in 2:30 just to sign up for a full? You should go ahead and sign up and keep working on that half goal!

    1. Not sure ... I know I want to run the same half a 2nd time to beat the first one's time. And I think I didn't push myself as hard during the KDF half because I knew I wanted my first marathon to be at the Indianapolis Monumental in 2016. (already registered for the Monumental Half this year) I will definitely be running a marathon sooner than later though! Thanks for the encouragement!! :)


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