Big Four Walking Bridge -- my lifeline

Flashback to May 20, 2014 -- the Big Four pedestrian bridge opened. Correction: the INDIANA side opened on 5/20/14 ... the KENTUCKY side had been opened for more than a year by that point and was getting quite a bit of traffic. In my lunch-hour walks along the river, I would look up and see multitudes (a few) walking on the bridge from the KY side and look out over the Indiana folks. I always imagined a tour guide standing up at the 'end' where it was barricaded before getting to the Indiana ramp -- "And below, we have the Hoosiers in the native habitat. Please do not feed them."

Since the Indiana side actually opened after I was on my lunchtime walk, and I had an appointment the next day, I wasn't able to walk the bridge until 5/22/14 ... exactly a year ago today! Call me crazy but I get emotional over the dumbest things. And apparently, walking up the ramp of a bridge that I watched being built for months is one of those things. I remember just getting teary-eyed and thinking how cool this was.

The bridge has been an important part of my activity/exercise in this past year and unless it was raining and as long as I was at work for the whole day, I was walking the bridge. A loop from work to the other side of bridge and back comes to around 3.25 miles, which is perfect. Walking at a brisk pace and adding the section on the KY side that goes past the Lincoln statue/amphitheater gets me about 3.7 miles and back to work right at an hour.

View from the Louisville side

I see some of the same folks each day -- we have a bond and wave at each other, nod the head, whatever. And this time of year brings out school field trips -- one time, I was mistaken for a student since I was wearing the same color clothes as their school uniform. I'd like to say that it was a high school group ... but it wasn't. I'm pretty sure they were elementary school kids. Being short isn't all fun and games. HOWEVER, if they were going back to school for naptime and snack? I'd have joined them in a heartbeat!

On the bridge

There are runners and cyclists that I see on a regular basis -- I usually try to make eye contact with the runners, in case they look like they're struggling and I want to give them an encouraging smile.

From one bridge watching the building of another bridge

You can tell the ones who are on it for the first time and are 'just visiting' or are tourists for the day. Then there are the ones who are on the bridge for the walking/exercise -- it's very motivating to see someone who doesn't look very physically active and they are dressed in workout-wear, with their water bottle, and you can see the determination in their eyes. I love it!

Back home again, in Indiana ... (I sang that while writing it)

So how is this my lifeline? That's a bit overdramatic, but I will say that the bridge has helped get me out of the office, away from the stresses of the job or people (not complaining! just need a break), kept me from wasting time for an hour going shopping (wasting gas and money and buying things we don't need) and I will say it's become something I feel like I have to do -- if not walk the bridge, then walk somewhere. On days where I know it's going to be raining or the weather was too extreme, I'd still walk ... just use the treadmill at work instead. But as long as it was above freezing and below 90 degrees, I walked and will continue to do so. And I know my co-workers are eternally grateful that we don't have cubicles and I only stink up my own office when I return. :)

Oh ... and my Runkeeper goal for 2015 is to track 500 walked miles. As of today (5/22/15) I'm at 56% of the goal! Woohoo!!


  1. I'm one of the 'tourists' on the bridge, and I've only been once! I love it and really want to go back, especially now that the IN side is open too.
    Sounds like you're going to bypass those 500 miles! Go girl!

  2. maybe read this post again, yeah?


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