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Big Four Walking Bridge -- my lifeline

Flashback to May 20, 2014 -- the Big Four pedestrian bridge opened. Correction: the INDIANA side opened on 5/20/14 ... the KENTUCKY side had been opened for more than a year by that point and was getting quite a bit of traffic. In my lunch-hour walks along the river, I would look up and see multitudes (a few) walking on the bridge from the KY side and look out over the Indiana folks. I always imagined a tour guide standing up at the 'end' where it was barricaded before getting to the Indiana ramp -- "And below, we have the Hoosiers in the native habitat. Please do not feed them."

Since the Indiana side actually opened after I was on my lunchtime walk, and I had an appointment the next day, I wasn't able to walk the bridge until 5/22/14 ... exactly a year ago today! Call me crazy but I get emotional over the dumbest things. And apparently, walking up the ramp of a bridge that I watched being built for months is one of those things. I remember just getting teary-ey…


So about 2 years ago ... maybe 3? ... I joined GymPACT which essentially pays me to work out. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme, by any means. I think the average payout was about 20 cents each time I went to the Y or worked out at home that I said I would (at least 3x/week but no more than once per day). I don't even know if the 20 cents (rough estimate) was what was motivating me as much as the threat of losing money if I didn't exercise ... to the tune of $5 each time.

It used to be that you had to have a smartphone to participate in PACT but with all the activity trackers, non-smartphone users can participate now. Plus, they've added two new pacts to participate in -- food tracking and fruits/vegetables. The food tracking is done on MyFitnessPal (also no need for a smartphone) and the fruits/veggies are tracked by photos uploaded through the app (so yes, smartphone needed). The reason for these pacts are to learn how to track your food choices and increase the numbe…

Kentucky Derby Festival Half-Marathon

Well ... first race done in the rain! And with a cold-bordering on bronchitis! And a PR! Boo-ya!

I was worried about this one. Now that it's over, I'm not sure why because it was a really good course and well-organized. I think it was because of the rain and my cold and not completing the training as much as I had planned. But we survived and both of us ended with a PR!

Thoughts on this one --
I liked the corrals. We started in D corral -- I guess they assign corrals based on what time we put down when we registered. Which is funny because we totally had to guess on our finish time since we registered for this race the night before we ran our first half-marathon in Indianapolis. Their expo had a discount code for the KDF race which expired on Oct. 31 (that night) so we registered and guessed at a finish time. I *think* I put 2:30 as our estimated finish time but I could be wrong. The thing is, we were passing walkers who had bibs labelled with the H and G corrals and this was …

Papa John's 10 Miler

This one was rough. Not sure why but it didn't go as well as the 5k and 10k from prior weeks. Maybe because we got there a little late ... or rather we got there on time but we ended up standing in the porta-potty line for almost 10 minutes at the start. Good thing this is chip-timed because by the time we were both done and got to the start line, it had started about 8 minutes before and we were having to weave through walkers to find a good pace.

I knew a little more of what to expect with this one and was pretty much dreading the entire portion of Iroquois Park/Mountain. I think I'm going to have to work on hills before next year's race. That's all there is to it.

Ran a large portion of this one with Matt. I don't know if I was slowing him down or encouraging him to run more but it was nice to be with him and chat along the way while we ran and walked (mostly ran).

No PR on this race. This year's result was 1:59:20 compared to last year's result of 1:56:…

Rodes City 10k run - done!

Packet pickup - smooth sailing until I get my number. I mean, really??

I mean - what to do? Answer: this ...

The 1/2 was because I'm training (somewhat) for the Kentucky Derby Festival half marathon ... But still. Just didn't want that number hanging over my head or tied to me. It's not like anyone could even see the number. It was pretty cool that morning so I wore my jacket for the start of the race and tied around my waist/over the number when I got too warm. 
Thoughts on this race ..  Better prepared this year but I think they changed the course just a little - have to check to verify. 
I highly recommend men and women ask friends to do a gear check with them before a race. Am I wearing too many items? Do the running tights work for me or against me? Examples: I was behind one woman whose rights were just "busy" and they were holding in some jiggly legs -- absolutely nothing wrong there and I applaud her for running! But it was like her legs were some psyched…