Half Marathon Training - Day 1

Bit of a letdown, actually. I mean, Matt and I are used to doing at least 2.5 miles when we run the neighborhood loop. Today called for "only" 2 miles ... but since we both need to be going for at least 30 minutes for it to count for our Pact app, we included the walking part (warm up and cool down).

Taking the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon/Marathon training program and plugging it into our calendar, and with today as the start date, we're able to run through the whole program TWICE with the 2nd end date being on November 1st - date of the Indianapolis Monumental Half/Full Marathon. No more 5k races for me! Actually, I'll continue to run 5k races but only for a good reason (beat my time from last year, encourage the kids to participate, a fundraiser, etc.).

As of Jan 1st, this running thing and tracking my food (mostly honest and accurate) on MyFitnessPal has helped me lose close to 10 pounds. 8 pounds actually, but I like to round up when it comes to losing weight. Clothes are fitting better (skirt I wore on Easter Sunday was a bit too loose and I had to keep pulling it up - oopsie!) and I just feel better overall. Looking forward to my next appointment with Dr. Fisher. :)

Still not sure how to add photos and links and GIFs on this here bloggy thing  ...


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