Why 10 miles is "nothing"

True story -- I ran 10 miles this weekend. "Ran", as in ran/walked in intervals of no consistent lengths. I ran till I couldn't anymore, walked for a bit (sometimes too long), then ran some more. I'd run when spectators were close by and were cheering everyone on. I'd keep running to get to a certain point along the road (OK, to the stop light. OK, to the overpass. OK, to the other side of the overpass. OK, stop now -- no, not right in front of the spectators. Go to the other side of them. OK, to the speed limit sign. etc.)

So after a 5k on Feb. 22, a 10k on Mar. 8, and now a 10-miler on Mar 22 (where I finished 1/2 hour FASTER than my goal time, yeah, I'm braggin' on myself), I know I can do it. And it bugs me that had I gone another 5k, it would have been a half-marathon. It would have taken me another 45 minutes, probably ... but the point is ... if I have a goal of 3 hours to do a half, I totally could have done it without any official training.

So do I wait until November 1st to run those 13.1 miles? Or do I find a race before then to sign up and do? Or do I just hijack Matt and go for a run 6.5 miles from the house and then turn around to run home? What to do ... what to do ...

But 10 miles? Yep, it's in the bag. :)


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