The Race List

So, just for kicks ... here are the races I've completed since I started this journey:

Indianapolis Monumental 5k - 11/3/12 -
The last day I was 40. The plan earlier that year was to run the half-marathon with friends from high school. Due to no training, I convinced Matt to run the 5k with me and we'd still get to hang out with my friends later that day. Still no training (even for a 5k), as in no running or jogging or anything whatsoever beforehand ... hence the lovely time for my first ever PR.

Fast Freddy's Festive Five-Mile Foot Feast - 11/22/12
Painful, but finished. I think my time was 1:10 but will update when I can. There were hills, it was cold, and we were hosting Thanksgiving Lunch at our house immediately following. It worked out well because we cooked the bird the night before and everyone else was bringing everything else.

no race - but I started the Couch to 5k running app - 1/2/13
Stayed with it pretty consistently 3-4 days/week -- even with the treadmill incident of 4/3/13.

Run Like a Mother virtual 5k - 5/11/13
Signed up and encouraged Matt to run it with me. We found a 5k route through surrounding neighborhoods and now we try to run that loop periodically.

Develop New Albany 5k Water Run - 7/4/13
Ran this one with the kids -- it was supposed to be a water run, meaning hoses spraying everyone, a fire truck having its hose arcing a 'waterfall' at the finish line ... Well, it was cool, rainy, no water hoses, Allie wore Chuck Taylor basketball shoes to run in so her feet hurt from the get-go and she preferred to walk, William had to go to the bathroom the entire time and so didn't want to run. Fun.

Run for Relay 5k - 8/18/13
It was supposed to be a 5k but per Runkeeper, it was only 3 miles. Allie had hurt her leg walking a neighbor's dog so she didn't want to run but didn't want to not do it either. William didn't want her to walk by herself so he walked with her. I didn't run very well because I kept slowing down to check on them. Matt finished first and came back for me. When I finished, we both went to the kids so that William could run the rest of the way with Matt and I kept walking with Allie who was determined to finish. She was utterly embarrassed when she crossed the finish line and everyone was there applauding her determination.

Greenway 5k and 1 mile fun run - 9/28/13
Did the 1 mile fun run w/ Matt and Allie. It was fun but next year, I'm signing up for the 5k ...

Indianapolis Monumental 5k - 11/2/13
Beat my time by something like 8 minutes ... new PR! And now that I've done several 5k races, I've convinced Matt to sign up for the HALF-MARATHON with me for 2014! Woot woot!

Fast Freddy's Five Miler - 11/28/13
Beat my time by about 4 minutes ... another PR! And would have done better had I not gotten stuck behind some walkers and slow joggers who were hogging the sidewalk by going side-by-side. Next year, I'm running out into the street, if need be.

Santa/Elf Run in Sellersburg - 12/14/13
Dress like Santa or an Elf and run a 5k (Matt and William) or dress like two elves and walk the 2 mile loop alternative (Allie and me). It was fun though ... too bad it was damp and rainy though. Would have been better with snow.

Anthem 5k - 2/22/14 (part of Triple Crown)
Poor logistics, poor planning, awful course, too many walkers up with the runners, potholes in the road, traffic/semis right next to the route ... something like 38 minutes so no PR for a 5k but definitely for that race since it the first time I ran it.

Rodes City 10k run - 3/8/14 (part of Triple Crown)
Opposite of the Anthem 5k -- great course, easy to get to and the furthest I've ever run. 1:10 (almost exactly)

Papa John's 10-miler - 3/22/14 (last of Triple Crown)
... ?


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