The one where I insert a photo ...

or maybe not.

My monthly goal was supposed to be an AVERAGE of 66.67 miles ... per month ... running. And what have I done by the almost-end of the first month? 17. So that's not looking good but I'm not changing the goal. I have several races lined up that will at least get me some mileage throughout the year PLUS that half-marathon I'm supposed to be training for in November. I'm not too worried. Yet.

GymPact is now Pact and I'm rolling in the dough now! Not really ... but they started out where you could get paid by making a PACT with yourself to go to the GYM at least 3x/week. And if you miss and only go 2x/week? Boom - that's gonna cost you $5. Get sick and only go 1x that week? Boom-Boom - that just cost you $10. So the extra motivation is there to not lose any money. Making money is another story -- you really only get about 40 cents or so per visit within your pact but it adds up. Since Jan 1st, they added a Food Log pact and a Fruit/Veggie pact -- again, it will cost $5 for each you miss out on and you only make about 20 cents on those (per log or fruit/veggie within your pact). I went from making about $1.40/week with just the GymPact to about $3.50/week with the other two pacts added in there.

  1. I like making money
  2. I don't like losing or wasting money
  3. It encourages me to eat more fruits/veggies but I have to remember to take photos of them before eating
  4. I don't like how brutally honest that food log is. Calories add up so quickly! And then you HAVE to eat a minimum of 1200 calories. I can understand that -- they don't want people starving themselves. But if I want to have a really good day and drink two Visalus shakes (about 250 calories each w/ the milk) and then a salad for supper, that's not nearly enough calories so it doesn't count. Boom - there's $5 if I don't make up for it with another log that week.
I wanted to add a photo of my pretty new shoes from Pacers and Racers so that will be a later post.

Church - we are starting a church-wide Bible study (misnomer since it's really just a sermon series that we're discussing on Wednesday nights). Looks interesting and will hopefully be good conversation topics to act on.

Little Miss Introvert here is the new Events Coordinator for Payroll Professionals of Kentuckiana. Should be interesting.

That is all. 


  1. so you ran seventeen miles that month. that was more than i've run in. my. LIFE. just saying.


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