Random thoughts -
With the crazy Midwest weather we've been having, we had a -40 wind chill a week ago and Matt and I were able to get out and run this morning at 45 degrees. Really? No wonder so many people get sick around here. There isn't a gradual decline in temperatures and then a slow awakening as spring arrives. 

Running - my goal is still 800 miles for the year and I'm now at 11 miles ran (that's 1%, according to RunKeeper) and a total of 22.5 miles ran/walked for the month. Boom. Kinda nice getting new shoes at Pacers and Racers (Saucony, because that's what the cool girls wear -- and they weren't purple like my last pair, which were also Saucony). New Balega running socks too. On fire!

Reading the Bible -- I'm so far behind, it's not funny. I need to bring the One Year Bible (actual book) in to work with me so I can read the next day on rainy day lunch hours. I *hope* that it's the same schedule as what I have in my Bible app. Must check.

Kids -- At some point, they were little kids. Gosh. I mean, I know it's cliche and I know I missed a lot of their growing up by working away from home but I blinked and Will is nearly as tall as I am now and Allie's becoming a young lady. 

Very thankful that the chickens survived the POLAR VORTEX and that we didn't have to resort to making/buying chicken diapers to move them inside. Really, I think we're a little more civilized than that.

Had a really great chat with my dearest friend on Saturday a.m. -- sure wish we lived closer together.

That is all for now. 


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